John Is Gone, But Cito Is Neato

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I was on vacation the week that the Blue Jays fired John Gibbons. It wasn't a surprise, hell even I predicted it and I haven't gotten anything else right all season. But when I received the text that they'd fired him and hired Cito Gaston, I laughed believing my leg had been pulled and went back to my underage Malaysian hooker Cobb Salad. But lo, it was not a joke. The new boss was actually the old boss.

What appeared at the time to be a bookmark interim hire has proved to be pretty successful. The Jays are 30-22 under Gaston. What would you say is the key, hirsute Toronto Star columnist Richard Griffin?

I'm not sure if, with regard to Gaston's current managerial style, the word "develop" is as appropriate as the word "nurture". Sports and baseball are so much mental that when a player fails, he needs to be reassured that all is not lost. The Jays under John Gibbons, with the ever-impatient Ricciardi at his elbow, were never able to do that - see Adam Lind's 1-for-19 demotion; see John McDonald's sub-.200 being glued to the bench; see David Purcey's one start and out (twice).

The most telling TV shots are of Gaston in conversation with his players in the dugout as the game is unfolding. The same shots of Gibbons saw him wedged into the home plate corner of the dugout, insulated from his players by at least two coaches.

The key word in that entire paragraph is "Lind." Lind has a robust .534 SLG in 54 games this year. It's kind of funny that Gaston's touch with youngsters is such an improvement over Gibbons, because all the veterans hated him too. The next shoe to drop is obviously Riccardi. There's palpable animosity towards him from writers and fans. Even if Gaston's Jays weren't being so successful between the lines, his latest tenure has been a sign that JP's era is dead on arrival this offseason.

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I haven't gotten anything else right all season

You correctly predicted that it would be a fun season.

If you want to continue your hot streak CTC you can predict that I will get drunk after my softball game tonight.

Alright, I'll admit it.
I clicked the "underage Malaysian hooker" link.
But only twice.


Cito isn't a huge dickwad who fights his players.

It wasn't Gibby, it was the hitting coach!

I see what you've done here. Stay scared, they comin'.

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