Manny Parra Gets Between Prince Fielder and Tofu Dog

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How else would you explain these aggressive moves by Prince?

Seems as if Prince was just ticked off that Manny was headed to the showers after being pulled in the seventh after putting the Brew Crew in a 6-1 hole. Heck, I'd be pretty ticked off too if my starting pitcher allowed six earned to the Redlegs. The Brewers shame spiral starts early this year, folks!

(we owe a Coke to Voros McCracken)

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Fielder is lucky. Manny Parra has been battling in subtropical revolutionary forces since Myanmar was still Burma.

Prince - Why so serious?

I LOVE the new and improved Brewers!! More entertaining than The Second City

In the Kaitahu’ Dialect of the Maori Language "para" means refuse or rubbish and that's para with only one "r." I guess 6 ER over 6 innings is only one "r" worth of bad and not two.

On a side note Prince Fielder's Maori is a bit weak as he incorrectly translated Parra to mean "lightly slap twice at carnivorous pitcher like a little girl."

Grunter, you should submit that comment to ESPN for a shot at the 'featured comment of the day'

what really went down:

Parra: I'll eat a god-damn turkey burger of I want to!
Fielder: Bitch, I'll slap that shit right out of your mouth!!

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