Massive Diamondbacks Trade: Adam Dunn Deserts Reds

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As per the original ouchie reporter himself, Baseball Prospectus' own Will Carroll, the Reds have traded Adam Dunn to the Diamondbacks.

The Dbacks claimed the big slugger on waivers and worked out a deal just before the deadline, according to John Gambadoro of KTAR in Phoenix. Dallas Buck is the one known name right now, but there's at least one and probably two other players headed to the Cincy system.

The Diamondbacks offense was pretty stagnant in June, scoring about 3.3 runs per game while going 11-16. Since then, they're up to about 4.7 runs per game but Dunn should put them closer to the 5 level. He's just that good at getting on base and hitting tater tots, J.P. Ricciardi be damned. Dunn is a huge upgrade over a Alex Romero and Chris Burke platoon.

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They only gave up Dallas Buck?

I'd say Adam Dunn is a pretty good grab when you're only trading one fictional player.

Dallas Buck? Who else got traded, Houston Doe?

Debbie has packed her pom poms and bought a ticket to Cincinnati.

"The Dbacks claimed the big slugger on waivers"

On waivers? I thought is was "off" waivers?

Well of course Dunn is going to be an upgrade over Chris Burke.

They only let him play because he's 'special'

Dallas Buck starred opposite Taylor Rain in a recent DVD I purchased, he swings a big bat.



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