MLB Promotes Playoffs With Giant Cultural Black Hole

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Oh, Major League Baseball. You've really got your finger on the pulse of the American zeitgeist! And by "American zeitgeist" I mean, "the TBS Wednesday night lineup." pooped out a press release this morning outlining for us, the poor trod upon viewer, their promotional juggernaut for the 2008 Playoffs. And boy is it... filled with words.

The campaign, which is the largest in Major League Baseball history, will feature FOX and TBS personalities for the first time ever including American Idol judge Randy Jackson; Jeff Foxworthy, host of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader; Frank Caliendo, star of TBS's Frank TV and FOX NFL Sunday's comedic prognosticator; Bill Engvall of The Bill Engvall Show; Timothy Hutton, star of TBS's new drama Leverage; and an animated Stewie from Family Guy.

Each celebrity is seen at a computer writing a blog entry about the excitement of October baseball in their own voice and style. Images of the celebrity are interspersed with great moments in Postseason history while the blog entry is narrated.

In one example, Caliendo comically impersonates United States President George W. Bush talking about if the Cubs are jinxed in the postseason while images of the infamous Game Six of the 2003 NLCS are shown. In another, Caliendo imitates sports broadcaster John Madden discussing the difference between the preseason and the postseason.

A blog entry! That's positively modern. Frank Caliendo? Lolarious! Who the hell advises on these things? Who is in these focus groups? As terrible as last year's Caliendo Commerical Carpet Bombings were, this promises to be worse. By combining him with Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall (who calls the playoffs "PURE ADRENALINE") they may have finally cracked the code that will allow them to make my television explode from a remote location in suburban Atlanta.

I am literally dreading these.

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What, no Madam?

What, no Madam?

Someone please tell me who the fuck Bill Engvall is. Was Tyler Perry not available?

Good point. Where the fuck is Tyler Perry, you racists?

Where the fuck is Bernie Mac?

/too soon?

Mama's Family is, without question, the worst television show in the history of the medium.

Why does TBS want to combine Purgatory and baseball? Aren't they already close enough on the totem pole?

I don't care what any of you think: I have gotten wasted and enjoyed the hell out of not one, but two Frank Caliendo comedy shows in SF. I'd do it again, too.


What, no Madam?

Nice get with Timothy Hutton, TBS. Was Andrew McCarthy unavailable?

There's only ONE ockTOHHHHber!

If you find the TBS programming entertaining, you might just be a redneck.

In Frank Caliendo's defense, his Jim Rome bit is pretty funny.

That FOX, always so edgy with their advertisements. I'm surprised this isn't all accompanied by music from Jefferson Airplane.

It'd be nice if we could watch ONE baseball game on stinking FOX without constantly being smothered with advertisements and "incidental" "celebrity" sightings for their shitty shows.

Erm.... Not FOX. Heh. DAMN YOU baseball and your confusing lineup of networks!

/blinded by hatred for FOX.

What, wasn't the corpse of the grandmother from The Beverly Hillbillies available?

Finally someone found a way to spice up those old videos of Bartman and the Wettest Alou: have Caliendo do a new and exciting imitation of the American President! I can't WAIT for the freshness!


Iracane, you love any woman you can fit your entire hand inside.

@Chief Wahoo, who doesn't ?

Bill Engvall is president of the Ned Yost fan club. The Swedish Chef is treasurer.

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