No Takers for Paul Lo Duca Except the Unemployment Office

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After years of inept trades and ridiculous free agent signings, Jim Bowden finally made a reasonable transaction as general manager of the Warshington Nationals. Unable to trade catcher Paul Lo Duca before yesterday's non-waiver trade deadline, Bowden did the next best thing and DFA'd the sonofabitch. Anyone out there need an HGH-takin', teen-bangin', over-the-hill dago catcher? No? I'm shocked!

Needless to say, the Nationalsblogosphere is abuzz with joy:

Nationals Enquirer:

As a public service to Lo Duca, (Felipe) Lopez, and (Johnny) Estrada, here's a link to a list of current job opportunities with the Nationals. The Nationals are still hiring Elevator Operators and Security Guards.

We've Got Heart:

Lo Duca made 5 million this season. He hit .230 in 46 games with the Nationals. This was long overdue. He should have never been signed in the first place.

Mr. Irrelevant:

Farewell, douchebag. Just as I specifically requested two and a half months ago, Paul Lo Duca is leaving Washington. Better late than never.

Chris Mottram's blog post at Senor Irrelevanto was titled "Lo Duca Packs Shit, Gets the Fuck Out". Amazing. I couldn't have come up with anything more poignant and elegant if I tried 1,000 times.

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Anyone out there need an HGH-takin', teen-bangin', over-the-hill dago catcher?

Well, someone has to do repairs on the Bangbus.

"over-the-hill dago catcher"

the Indians already signed Sal Fasano

A: LoDuca's phone, LoDuca's Career and bread served at breakfast
Q: Things that are toast.

I thought Piazza had trademarked the term 'over-the-hill dago catcher'.

No, wait, that was 'flaming over-the-hill dago catcher'.

I don't know about you guys, but personally I don't mind Italians.

As pathetic as the catcher situation is for so many teams, I expect Lo Duca will get picked up by the end of the weekend. (Metropolitan area to be determined): Lock up your daughters!

Hey Paulie, incoming text message from Dave Dombrowski

The HGH was never for baseball. He just shot it into his johnson.

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