Oakland Training Staff Makes Emergency Trip to Leftorium

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Despite their poor second-half showing that followed a promising start to the season, the 2008 edition of the Oakland A's set a franchise record! Most players taking a trip to the disabled list! Whee! Pitchers Sean Gallagher and Justin Duchscherer are the latest creampuffs (more on them later), setting up the A's to bring up southpaws Dana Eveland and Dan Meyer from Triple A Sacramento. Wait a minute, this sounds like something important!

"The team now has an all left-handed, five-man rotation -- including Thursday's starter Greg Smith, Gio Gonzalez and Dallas Braden. The only other time Oakland has had an all-southpaw rotation was in 1973 with a four-man staff of Vida Blue, Ken Holtzman, Darold Knowles and Paul Lindlad."

The A's will play Seattle this weekend, who have a terrible record against lefty pitchers. But hey, they have a terrible record against righty pitchers, and ambidextrous pitchers, and pitchers with no arms at all, so it's nothing new. Still, they OPS about 60 points higher against lefties, so maybe the Mariners will manage to breach the three run mark.

By the way, this is officially the most interesting thing to happen to Oakland since this TV show.

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Dana Eveland?
Lefthanded AND a woman? Boy, they really are hurting for pitching.

Honeynut Ichiros is clearly not Nate Silver.

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