She's A Jar: Today's Afternoon Game

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Since the afternoon game is at Wrigley, I've got a treat for you. It's Wilco singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame this past Sunday, followed by an interview with Jeff Tweedy. Whattya know, I've finally seen a cool Cardinals fan. It only took 26 years.

  • 2:20, Astros at Cubs: After last nights crazy, wacky, Elvis filled, rain soaked affair, the teams take the field today for what ought to be a much more tame afternoon. It's 82 and partly sunny with a 20% chance of precipitation in The City With Broad Shoulders, in case you were wondering. Magic Wandy Rodriguez takes on Magic Rich Harden. Harden has allowed 3 measly ER in his past 24.1 innings of work. That's pretty fucking stellar.

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Lost in all of this: the fucking Astros still think they're in the playoff hunt.

They're some space oddities.

Hey Tweedy, you're pointing the mic the wrong way

Dear Mr. Tweedy,

I regret to inform you that we have changed the locks throughout the entire City of Chicago. Therefore your key no longer works.


Mayor Richard Daley

Tweedy is trying to break Bob Brenly's heart.

Bob Howry-e-e-e-e-e
My lord, you're mean

It's been 3 years and I still don't know what the fuck a cherry ghost is.

That interview sure was a pure bug beauty.

When will people realize it's "with" the crowd, and not "to" the crowd?

@ jayhawk

A cherry ghost is what haunts the cherry tomato farmers each year during harvest season. why cherry tomatoes and not just cherries? Well, because everyone knows cherries dont have souls like cherry tomatoes, plus "cherry tomato ghost" just doesnt fit into the song like "cherry ghost". I hope this finally answers your question.

and to answer your follow up question: yes, i'm drunk at work.



I always thought a cherry ghost was what remained after the first time a girl had sex.

@ Gravy

well....yes....that is the secondary definition....of course the original definition was handled down from the Native Americans to the Pilgrims

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