Odysseus' Decision: Today's Afternoon Game

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  • 2:20, Cardinals at Cubs: It's the most storied rivalry in Missouri, Illinois and parts of Indiana! Chicago has won 9 of 11 but St. Louis has been playing ok, too. They'll send Braden Looper to the anthill to take on Ted Lilly. Lilly has turned in 4 consecutive quality starts which has to be some sort of record for the mercurial southpaw. Oh to be at Wrigley, watching baseball piss drunk before dinner. I need to move.

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To be fair, it's important in Iowa and Arkansas too.

The nice thing if you hate the Cardinals is that Larussa is too fucking stubborn to admit when he's wrong. Hence, the Braden Looper Experiment continues, even though it really really should have been stopped after last season.

TLR's next brilliant idea? PITCHER BATTING FIRST!

Can I ask a random question? Where the fuck is The Kid In The Big Sombrero? Every time I see his name, I crack up for a solid 15 seconds.

@FMRA: I'm so flattered! Unfortunately my stupid boss has been making me "work" more lately. What the fuck!

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