Old White Guy Hands Off Giants to Other Old White Guy

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Attention fans of the San Francisco Giants: Peter Magowan's reign of terror is over. Prepare yourselves for Bill Neukom's reign of terror. Commence the tearing out of hair and the rending of garments....now. The MLB Executive Council approved the transition of power in San Fran from Magowan to Neukom yesterday. Bill Neukom was head of Microsoft's legal team for a number of years, earning a boatload of moneys in salary and stock options estimated at over $100 million. He's head of the American Bar Association now, and is crazy enough to blow his cash with a professional sports team. Lawyers!

Okay, seriously though, there shouldn't be any concern amongst Giants fans that you don't already have. Your team hasn't truly tasted success since falling to the Angels in the 2002 World Series. Your team hasn't been in the playoffs since 2003. Your team actually hasn't had a winning season since 2004. Your team hasn't had a gentleman hit 30+ homers since 2004. Notice a trend here? Things aren't so good in San Francisco...they're on pace for their second 90-loss season in a row. But the future is bright, what with pitcher Tim Lincecum leading a fantastic young rotation and stud catcher and first round draft pick Buster Posey on the fast track to the majors (as soon as he signs, of course).

So Bill, the best thing you can do right now is let the baseball people do their baseball things, keep AT&T Park clean and keep the garlic fries hot, but most of all, fire Brian Sabean.

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Wait, Duke Nukem? He's real?

Also, Iracane highlights player names and CTC doesn't? It's like Jekyll and Hyde.

There is a Twins Blog (not a very good one) called Thank You Brian Sabean. http://thankyoubriansabean.blogspot.com/

@ Honeynut
I prefer Goofus and Gallant

If you think you're the first person to ever compare me to Goofus, you're sorely mistaken.

Neukom comes really really really close to meaning "Fuck 'em" in Dutch (I'm not kidding).

Which seems rather appropriate for the way the Giants have treated their fans with regards to the "product" they put on the field.

Hang in there Giants fans. Carl Pavano is a free agent this offseason!


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