Orioles Draw 50 Millionth Fan

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Kevin Gracie, a 24 year old Orioles fan who probably has like 2 happy memories of the team was Oriole Park's 50 Millionth Fan.

He was rewarded with $50,000 but then promptly punished with 5 years of season tickets.

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Say goodnight, Gracie.

He's actually pretty cute. Kinda looks like Nick Markakis. How do I go about dating this fellow?

Go to an Orioles game. He will be the one not wearing the opposing team's jersey

@BC +1

/wait, can we do that here?

This is the kind of luck one can only dream of.

Like when you see that a 55 year old cuntwhore texting her pool boy while driving her 7-Series, and you just pray that she'll roll through the stop sign and hit you in the crosswalk just enough to get you a legitimate lawsuit but not enough to actually permanently damage you.

What...you never think about stuff like that?

Why can't the sox fucking lose a game.

@BC - because they are a damn good ballcl....
Whoa, you almost got me to jinx it there. Nice try, my friend.

@Jiegel - I usually hope she gives me a wink and a smile that says, "You are next."

50 Million? That's a lot of pennicillin.

Like Chung Lee says to Dukes after he KO's Jackson

Does this include the eleven million Red Sox and Yankees fans?

Shit, I'd be a fan of the fucking Giants if they gave me 50 grand!

@ Jiegel

I just watch my rear view mirror for some slag in a Lexus SUV that drives too close to my ass while she's on her cellphone. Hit the breaks, boom, seven figures.

I wish I had a longer commute...

So the the park itself has 50 million fans?

That's almost 50 million more than the Orioles baseball team has.

The park IS a better and more entertaining product though so I understand.

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