Pirates Throw Scott Boras and the Royals Under Bus

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Wily sleazebag agent Scott Boras is trying to get mo' money for his client Pedro Alvarez, but by fucking with the Pirates' owner Frank Coonelly, the only thing Boras is getting for Alvarez is mo' problems. See, Pittsburgh agreed to a contract with their first round draft pick Alvarez just before the midnight deadline on August 15th and phoned it in to the MLB offices.

However, Boras is unsatisfied with a mere $6 million signing bonus and won't let his kid report to the team unless they cough up more cash, saying the deal was consummated after the midnight deadline. Boras convinced the Players Union to file a grievance on Alvarez' behalf. So Coonelly took the nuclear option: he asked MLB to place Alvarez on the restricted list (meaning no other team can claim him) and to prove his point, he threw the Royals under the bus, too.

"The Pirates are confident that the contract reached with Pedro Alvarez was agreed to and submitted to Major League Baseball in a timely fashion and properly accepted by Major League Baseball. In fact, the contract between the Kansas City Royals and Eric Hosmer, another Boras client, was submitted to the Office of the Commissioner after our contract with Pedro was submitted. Mr. Boras is apparently satisfied with the $6 million bonus that he secured for Mr. Hosmer and has not challenged the validity of that contract. Mr. Boras has been informed that if he pursues a claim that our contract with Pedro was not timely he puts Eric Hosmer's contract with Kansas City in jeopardy.

That's from Coonelly's statement released today. He's basically saying "Oh yeah? Well if we can't have Alvarez then the Royals can't have Hosmer." That's total kindergarten bullshit, but you can't blame the guy for pulling a fast one on a slimeball like Boras.

I normally side with players instead of ownership, but this one is too easy. The Pirates are right and Pedro Alvarez is wrong. Super Agent Scott Boras needs to be dealt with in the harshest way possible, and if that means being packed in a box and sent to Abu Dhabi, so be it.

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Shouldn't relly shitty teams stick together?

Boras is almost enough to make you root for osama Bin Laden.

Can you say "budding Pittsburgh-Kansas City rivalry"? It'll be the new Yankees-Sox.

Sept 18th, 2008. Abu Dhabi :

Today officials of Abu Dhabi let the United Nations know that they deserve way more money for development aid than they are currently getting. They point to existing development aid agreements and claim they are not binding due to, and we quote L "vaguely non-specific reasons."

The United Nations blames Scott Boras, who is rumored to have taken a hand in Abu Dhabi's negotiations after he was found in a box in the local post office.

Bud Selig declined to comment as he was snorting more coke of a Thai boy's ass.

"Can you say "budding Pittsburgh-Kansas City rivalry"? It'll be the new Yankees-Sox."

I'm sure Hank Steinbrenner and John Henry are shitting their pants in fear over this one.

I'm from the Pittsburgh end, I was referred from here..... http://community.post-gazette.com/blogs/pbc/default.aspx

I really feel bad for Hosmer more than anyone in this deal. Alvarez is just as much as a tool as Boras is for going along with these recent actions. If Hosmer gets screwed over because of Boras' antics, I really hope he would sue Boras and future draft picks will think twice about using Boras as an agent.

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