Playing The Percentages With Payroll

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MonopolyMan.jpgSam Mellinger at the Kansas City Star put his nose to the grindstone last night and made up a list of how much of their revenue teams are putting back into their payroll. The list proves some things we all know are true, namely, Smart Money beats More Money. But the raw numbers are interesting nonetheless.

  • The Marlins are spending just 17% of their revenue on payroll. That's almost 50% less than the next lowest percentage, The A's at 31%

  • Detroit spends the highest percentage by far at 81%. How's that working out? The Yankees, White Sox, Blue Jays and Mariners are next with 64%, 63%, 61% and 61% respectively. Not a very high win to dollar ratio in there except for Chicago.

  • The six division leaders have spent 51% of their revenue, with an average payroll of $94M.

What does all of this mean? Yeah... I bet you'd just like me to spoonfeed you answers, wouldn't you? Why don't YOU tell me what it means and I'll tell you if you're right. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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It means the Big Tilde is getting served his walking papers. And Dave Dombrowski is eating a gigantic shit sandwich.

The teams are in Dire Straits.

Rob, uh, stop that. Or else Suss is gonna make you take swigs of Jeter's Driven. And Jerkwheat isn't ever going to come out of his room.

Sam Mellinger can't get an intern to put that into some sort of readable format? Like a spreadsheet or something? I guess the KC star only spends 1% of their spendable resources on producing reader-friendly information.

And another Tigers connection to this post...

Rich Uncle Pennybags obviously made his fortune selling tater chips to Miguel Cabrera.

Oh, I get it. "Money for Nothing." HA! Still, "Walk of Life" would have been funny for a multitude of reason.

The Yankees' spending is all gonna pay off next year, right? Right?



To think, that video was considered cutting edge in 1986.
The only thing missing was a lone, unridden horse walking through the fog.
/only those over 30 will get that.
// those under 25 wonder what a music video is/was.



To be fair, they spend quite a bit of money hiring the best sportswriting staff in the world. So there is that.

Why does Kyle Davies suck so bad?

It means that the Tigers are shit out of a luck trying to find a suitor for Gary Sheffield.

If Milwaukee only spends 51% on payroll, how come we're losing going to lose either Sheets or CC next year?

@ kwsn

Because your owner is eyeing that magical 17% mark! (also, I don't want depress you or anything, but you're losing both. Happy days!)

@ bc twins fan
A better question is why doesn't he suck as much as he should? Guy's got a WHIP of 1.62, and he's somehow 5 and 3 with a 4.66 ERA? I've been waiting all season for him to blow up so we don't have to let him pitch anymore, and he's just maddeningly slightly below average, which the Royals will take from their 5 starter in a heartbeat.

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