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bear_pirate.jpg2:20, Pirates at Cubs: Wow. Slow clap for the Chicago Cubs. A definitive four game sweep of the Brewers has given them some honest to goodness distance in the NL Central, and to top it off they get the rest of the weekend off with a three game series against the Pirates. Yes, the Pirates who will send Jeff Karstens to the mound today. Jeff "I'm Not Good Enough To Crack A Rotation That Includes Sidney Ponson And Darrell Rasner" Karstens. The Cubs will send out Jason Marquis.

There are a lot of games left, but still. Take the Pirates out behind the shed and party this weekend.

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My new Pirates Prognostication: they take two of three in Wrigley this weekend.

Go Jeff Karstens!

I love Darrell Rasner's impersonations on SNL.

I like the astronaut teddy better :(

Boy, those Cubbie fans really did a number on that teddy bear.
Eye patch AND missing hand and leg!

Brandon Moss makes a shoestring catch off Derrek Lee's bat and doubles off Fukudome at first base to end the first inning.

Go Neal Huntington, go!

Manny totally would have made that catch.*

* = Made means the same thing as "come nowhere close to" in this sentence

In Karstens defense he did start 9 games with NY while he was there.

1-0 Pirates

RBI Jason Michaels

2-0 Pirates.


He showed up to their nephew's birthday party wwearing a Bobby Thigpen jersey.

@Honeynut - well, if it was the Orange/Blue horizontal-striped 80's version, then he was just asking for it.

3-0 Pirates. Tater tot Jason Michaels.

Thomas Ian Nicholas is in the booth now with Santo. He's got an album out. He's opening for Jefferson Airplane this weekend. I am making none of this up.

the fuck is Thomas Ian Nicholas?

I'm fairly certain CTC jinxed the Cubs. Hopefully the CTC Curse cancels out what ever other curse there may be on the Cubs... you know, if there is one that I haven't heard about.

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