Ramirez Flies To LA, Lands On Juan Pierre

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whyareyouhere.jpgIt's Positional Instability Day here at Walkoff Walk and I couldn't be more excited. Our latest victim also resides out west, and is none too happy about being kicked out of his spot. With the arrival of Manny Ramirez in Los Angeles Juan Pierre has to live like a refugee.

"All I've ever done was be Juan Pierre," he said. "I don't know why, for some reason, they're just sticking it to me this year. I applaud the move. Any time you get a chance to get Manny Ramirez, you get him. But from a personal standpoint, it's putting me in a tough position."

Pierre was moved from center field to left to make room for Andruw Jones. But with Ramirez's place in left set in stone and Jones mired in a season-long slump, Pierre is back in center, a position Dodgers management wasn't comfortable with him playing because of his weak throwing arm.

The Dodgers certainly do employ a lot of outfielders. But, unfortunately for Pierre, the most obvious solution seems unlikely. The Dodgers sunk quite a bit of coin into Andruw Jones and no matter how much sense it makes I can't see the them sending him to AAA. It's debatable that he would even be able to hit at that level. His OPS is .481. That is tragic. In 199 ABs this season, Andruw has collected 11 extra base hits.

Joe Torre claims that Pierre will "get the bulk of" the CF playing time going forward but we all know Torre's blind devotion to certain veterans has been a hallmark of his career so take what he says with a grain of salt.

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Meanwhile Kemp and Either are left to rot on the bench. At least that gives Either plenty of time to work on his restaurant reviews.

If Manny literally did land on Pierre, I have no doubt that Pierre would get up all sticky from pine tar, tobacco juice and pot resin.

It's not even funny to joke about Andrew Jones at this point. In short, Andruw Jones is as damaging to the Dodgers as the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand was to pre-WWI European political stability.

Don't let new commenter Andruw Jones see this!!@!

Andre Ethier isn't playing Either.

god dammit

Between the Dodgers and Angels, there are no outfielders left in baseball.

@Freetzy - hence the movie title.


Juan Pierre is apparently undeterred by the big barrel of suck that the LAD clubhouse boy dips his bats in every day.

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