Reds Fans Have Finally Lost It

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Would you respect a news institution that has a regular feature called Dance Party Friday? If not, you'll need to look beyond Cincinnati's Local 12 for your live and latebreaking. Last Friday their cracked out weatherman was joined by new Reds mascot Rosie Red. She's totally my type. Dark hair, bangs, short dress, giant baseball head.

Anyway, things really devolve around the 1:18 mark where after some dancing the aforementioned drug addled meteorologist chases Rosie around the studio screaming unintelligibly. Luckily for Rosie and the home viewer, he didn't catch her. When someone is on that much PCP you never know what they're capable of. Enjoy!

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Looks like Hurricane Mary hit Cincinnati pretty hard.

My god.

Here I thought we'd have video of a mob of Reds fans beating the crap out of Dusty Baker...

"Dark hair, bangs, short dress, giant baseball head."

I can't believe they made her a brunette. This won't make Marge Schott happy.

So wait...this is okay, but a picture of a whip shoved in someone's ass is a problem? I'll take the art exhibit over this spectacle.

I was waiting for that guy to break out the glow sticks and start sucking on a baby pacifier.

Would you respect a news institution that has a regular feature called Dance Party Friday?

I submit to you Fox 29 Philadelphia, which USED TO have Mascot Monday.

This is the only one left on the youtubes:

but DMac chronicled them extensively back in the day:

They day they ended that segment, the world got a little less awesome.

@UU - I just hope that's all he starts sucking.

@Rob: don't you mean Hurricane Rosie?

The vapid brunette and non-threatening black anchors sure loved it. Is there anything more soul-crushing than local news? Besides Dabney Coleman, that is.

I'm pretty sure there is a NYC station that does Dance Party Fridays with a hot traffic chick...of course that is tolerable compared to this assclown....


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