Revamped Veterans Committee to Judge Careers of Dead Guys

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I've expressed my distaste for the baseball hall of fame before, but in case you missed it, here's a quick recap: baseball writers stink at voting for things. Still, in comparison to the nepotistic Veterans Committee, the BBWAA are geniuses. Well folks, get ready for more wackiness from the newest incarnation of the Veterans Committee:

"Allie Reynolds, Joe Gordon and Vern Stephens are among 10 players whose careers began before 1943 who will be considered by the Hall of Fame's constituted Veterans Committee when it meets on Dec. 7.

Bill Dahlen, Wes Ferrell, Sherry Magee, Carl Mays, Mickey Vernon, Bucky Walters and Deacon White also will be on the ballot, the Hall said Monday. The 10 finalists were selected by a committee of the Baseball Writers' Association of America that considered pre-1943 players. A 12-member committee of Hall of Famers, media and historians will vote."

I checked through the Baseball Reference pages for these gents and using my completely unscientific methodology of scanning random stats, I've decided that none of them are worthy of induction. Most of these guys did a decent job of sticking around the league and putting up nice numbers for good teams and even making a bunch of All Star games. But were any of them ever considered the best players in their leagues? No. Not even close. The most famous thing that any of them did was kill a guy with a pitch. This isn't the "Hall of Killing Dudes with Pitches".

Besides, it would be a shame to induct any of them when more recent players like Bert Blyleven or Ron Santo deserve it far more. All of the players whose careers began before 1943 had dozens of chances to be voted into the hall by earlier Veterans Committtes, and despite the committee's sickening cronyism, they never made it.

Also, save for Mickey Vernon, all these dudes are dead. So therefore, Walkoff Walk officially endorses the hall of fame election of Mickey Vernon, if only to give a 90-year-old man one last hurrah.

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My uncle Kenny is in the "Hall of Killing Dudes with Pitchforks."

It's in a maximum security prison. Don't visit.

What would be worse, getting killed with a pitchfork or eaten by a tiger?

@ Chief Wahoo

Winning 8 straight and still being 12 games out of the playoffs.

Was that not one of the choices?

I have been on the Mickey Vernon for HOF train for nearly 2 minutes now.

the BBWAA can keep on sucking a fat dick until they put Jim Kaat in the HOF.

UpstateUnderdog is going to head the Foul Mouthed Yankee Fan Committee that will induct Paul O'Neill, Tino Martinez, and the guy who busks on the pedestrian bridge over the train tracks playing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" on the flute into the 2009 HOF class.

Can I somehow blame Selig for this?

@Rob, I believe that guy plays a clarinet not a flute and you can add the pan guy "Freddy Sez" to that list.

But if you mention Blyleven, I think you need to mention Kaat (greatest fielding pitcher ever)

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