Sean Casey Has a Vlog, Got a Haircut, Waxes Poetic

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The good people at Boston radio station WEEI have finally figured out the whole athlete blogging thing:

  1. Videotape athletes talking about dumb stuff
  2. ...
  3. Profit

I give you the Official Sean Casey Vlog:

He seems like a nice guy. Also, he seems like someone who was dropped on his head repeatedly as a child after being force-fed paint chips.

(We owe some codeine-laced Coke to BBTF's Baseball Primer Newsblog)

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It'a good thing he cut his hair otherwise his "butt part" would be a distraction to A-Rod this week in New York.

Tomorrow he'll talk about how he just bought juice at the grocery store, and how Capri Sun was awesome when he was a kid. Still is.

Side note:
The comments on BLS about the banned 9-year-old pitcher are the best EVAR:,103319

butt part for a meat head.

At least they stopped filming before he talked about how he shaved his pubes into the shape of a Palm Tree because he really wants to visit Dubai.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Mayor Himself!!

god that was boring

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