Site News You Can't Use: Rob Goes On a Field Trip

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I'm headed to the Bronx today for the final Red Sox-Yankees tilt ever at The Stadium in hopes that the Yankees can somehow make up a seven game deficit in one game. Magic? Whatever it takes. Camp Tiger Claw will take you through the rest of the day.

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don't wear your green Yankee hat.

Is Rob really going to the game, or is he just vacating the premises for the duration of CTC's braggadociousness about winning the bet?

Where is the picture?

There's still room in the wigwam if you want to root for a winning team Iracane.

I hope they stay hot for the next week.

@BC, keep your eyes on the rear view mirror.

What the fuck? I come into the blogfice and he's on his way to the ballpark?

Looks like it's just us today. This oughta be good.

Careful, CTC, he counted the petty cash before he left.

@Chief - well, it's pretty easy and quick to count $1.46.

Looks like it's just us today.

Will, you're at the wrong office. You work at NY Magazine now, remember?

Not magic, Rob--plastics. THAT'S how you make up seven in one day.

I'd rather be in the office today than watch that crap fest in the Bronx

Nobody invited you anyway, UU.

UU looks like old-man balls. The actual letters; not the commenter.

Actually I think the Yankees will win today and here is why. My second daughter was born one year ago today and on that day the Yankees beat the Red Sox. Therefore, Yankees win today.

@farthammer, I think UU looks like old lady boobies.

Happy birthday to the little underdog!

thanks CTC

Mazel tov, Upstate Underpup.

thanks Rob, enjoy the game

hassle some cops!

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