So Long, 2008 Tigers

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dead kid.jpgWe could have actually called this a week or so ago, but I didn't want to jump the gun. John Lowe of the Detroit Free Press intimated it 2 days ago. But, now let's just say it. Playoff hopes for the 2008 Tigers are done. Way to pick 'em, Sports Illustrated And um... me.

After being swept by the White Sox, they've lost 6 in a row. They're 3 games under .500 and an embarrassing 8.5 games back in a division that has yet to field a clearly superior team. They're only 20-30 in that division. The bullpen has been a sore spot since spring training and seems to only be getting worse. As Lowe noted they need nearly a .700 winning pct. from here out to get back to the top of the Central. They have upcoming series with Oakland, KC, Toronto and Baltimore. On paper that looks great. I expect more crippling losses to teams that aren't as good as them.

It's a tough situation. I know a lot of good Tigers fans who's normal anticipation of the season was heightened further by idiots like me and Sports Illustrated getting twisted over the way that lineup looked. Sorry guys, it just aint happening.

I, of course, blame Leyland.



I, of course, blame Farnsworth.

Also, I'd love to declare the Yankees dead, but the superstitious Red Sox fan in me will not let me do it.

Sheffield, of course, blames anyone but him.

I blame Zumaya's Guitar Hero addiction, and also Farnsworth.

I wonder if those "Anyone But Farnsworth" shirts they were selling in the Bronx have arrived in Detroit yet?

And in the other league the Fish are still in the race. Maybe that trade wasn't such a great trade for the Tigers.


bye bye Magglio...

I blame that damn Sasquatch.



/cuts self

Looking at your predictions CTC. The Twins and the White Sox are 7 and 10 wins away respectively from reaching your predicted win totals. In bazzaaro world you would be the best prognosticator in the land. You should come to the track with me.


I'm very good at the track. I should have started a horse racing blog instead.

Trotoff Trot.


That would have been difficult handling the Eight Belles situation at the Derby. No Trotting only Offing.

Can we petition MLB to drop the NL West from playoffs contention altogether and just have the top 2 teams from the East and Central play? It really only seems fair.

If horse races were as long as the baseball season, those horses would all be dead from running for six months on their spindly legs.

Well if you really had money on the results of the AL central this year it would be beneficial for you to "predict" that the teams that you didn't bet on win the division so other people would bet the way you predicted so the odds would go more in your favor. Maybe you are some sort of evil super genius.

FMRA, the Diamondbacks are better than every team in the NL East. You really think someone is going to beat Haren and Webb in the playoffs? Pffffffft.

So will CTC now go by the name Camp Zombie Claw?

If that were the case the AL central would not have existed in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Rob, I agree with you that Arizona is a better team IN THEORY than most teams in the East, but they should have an Angels-like record by now and they don't. I really, really don't see them getting past the 1st round of the playoffs, and they were my NL pick for the World Series entering this season.

CTC, you ever been to Saratoga? I'm going Monday feel free to send me some tips.

@ UpstateUnderdog

"I blame Zumaya's Guitar Hero addiction."

Is that what we call cybersex nowadays?

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