Store Update: What's Up Creampuff Shirt

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creampuffshirt.pngBy popular demand, it's here. We made a T-Shirt for fans of illness, injury and general misfortune. It's the Walkoff Walk Creampuff shirt. Featuring a dope contrast silhouette created by graphic designing whiz, Ryan Pritchard, the shirt features that poor bastard on the stretcher and is available for dudes and dames in about 10 different colors.

Get 'em before Mike Hampton buys em all.

(Note: Graphic is way sharper in the actual store and in real life than in this picture. Size constraints.)

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"Get 'em before Mike Hampton buys em all."

too late, Carl Pavano already beat him to it.

You really do care us. Awwww.

Seeing how 98 percent of the people who read this blog are currently engaged you should set up an online registry for those shirts

The graphic is way sharper than the picture we have here. We have to make it blurry so we dont eat up all our internet space or megabytes or some shit that only Rob understands

@BC - and the other 2% are unhappy.

/take my wife. please.

I asked my wife what she was making for dinner, and she said "WoW t-shirts."

Uh, what?


hey...can i get one without the web address on the back?.....i'm no cage fighter/boxer

unless you want to throw some bones my way...this ad space aint free [pointing to my back]

Go shit in your hat, Grunter.

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