The Minnesota Twins: The Little Team That Could... Choke Horribly

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So how's that "On The Road Again: Republican Convention '08: The Final Countdown: Road Trip Of Destiny: Trip Of A Lifetime: This Time It Counts: Road Trip '08" working out for you Minnesota? Not so good, eh?

The Twins won the first two games of the trip in Anaheim, but have since gone to lose their last 4 including, two against Seattle. They're 1-4 at Safeco this year and only 4-4 overall against a team on pace for 100 losses. Every team has their bugaboo, but Seattle has had such a spectacular and public flameout, it makes it kind of embarassing.

So what's the problem Gardy? How should I pick your team's recent struggles at the worst possible time, against the worst possible team?

"You can pick it how you want to pick it," Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said. "You can say we're pressing, or they're pitching good. You know what? Probably a little bit of both.

"They're throwing the ball good against us, and we're fighting it a little bit, trying to do too much. That normally happens, but you've just gotta work your way through these things.

"Hopefully [Wednesday's] a day where we'll come out relaxed a little bit and swing the bats a little better and have a better performance."

Consider it picked, you lovable old curmudgeon. Minnesota travels to Oakland tomorrow for a 4 game series against a team that is 11 games under .500. In August. If the Identicals can't pull out a few this weekend (while the White Sox are in Boston) please consider them totally unfit for playoff service.

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Your reverse jinx worked on Zack Duke (so far). Let's hope it works on the Twins too

I blame Dan Gladden.

I still think this division is going to come down to the last week. I have tickets to 3 of the last 5 games including that last two of the season. The second to the last game of the season I will be there with about 20 other guys for my bachelor party so I don't think I will remember much of that one.

Can you hear the drums getting closer, Minny?

No but I think they see the smoke signals way off in the distance and aren't really afraid.

WILL BC Twins Fan reply to every comment in this thread?

Ron Gardenhire needs to learn when to properly use 'good,' and when to use 'well.'

Probably not all of them. I do have work to do.

Gardenhire looks like Santa Claus alcoholic brother.

Yes he does. (confirming Honeynut's suspicions)

Cursed AL Central and 2008 season...

I wish to see just how long this keeps up. Your move, bc twins fan.

Oh I am sorry. I actually did some work. I had to create my paycheck. Back to the matter at hand.

Yes Jerkwheat the AL central is messed up this year. With the exception of the Royals the division is completely backwards from what most people predicted.

Wait, so team with below average pitching, defense, and offense has fallen on hard times??? Saints preserve us!

Yeah but they lead the league in Spunk.

And dreamy catchers. I was watching last night's game, and Joe Mauer is nothing if not dreamy.

I am more of a Redmond fan.

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