The Old Stoic: Today's Afternoon Games

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  • 12:35, Mets at Pirates: The Mets have a shiny new dustpan at the ready. This chrome plated, contour handled beauty is just waiting to collect the remnants of the Pirates after a potential 4 game sweep. A win would be the Mets 7th straight after taking 3 against the Nats. This road trip should have been called "All-Star Break 2: Hot Summer Futility." John Maine makes his 2nd start back from rotator cuff troubles. He takes on Paul Maholm, who looks like he's had quite enough of this Pittsburgh thing.

  • 4:35, Giants at Braves: A San Fran win would give them 3 our of four at the Ted and a fifth win over the Braves in a little under two weeks. The good news for the Braves is that they send Jorge Campillo to the hill while the Giants counter with Barry Zito and his terrible pitching. Zito has 83Ks against 80BBs. Sheesh. That makes me feel gross just reading it.

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Lincecum was dealing yesterday. It was my first time to watch him pitch at the ballpark.

Braves fans (at least those around me) were giving Francoeur hell. They were relentless on that no hitting bastage.

Zito's pitching? Awesome, the game should still be in the bottom of the first by the time I get home from work.

matt_T: if Zito wins you owe me a bag of peanuts

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