The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch, Tuesday, August 5th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • 'Duk cobbles together some videos and firsthand reports about the wacky, wet and wild storms at Wrigley. The only thing that blew harder than the wind at the game were the Cubs hitters' attempts to hit Brian freaking Moehler. Big League Stew.

  • Meech and Dmac combine their powers as super Philly bloggers to produce this great video of Sal Fasano making an oopsie. Ignore the fact that this happened two years ago. The Fightins'.

  • The Mets are selling pairs of Shea Stadium seats for $869, in homage of their World Championship seasons of '86 and '69. In related news, the Yankees are selling seats for $23,272,832,363,738,394,143,474,950,515,253,565,861,627,778,969,899.00 a pair. MetsBlog sponsored by GEICO.

  • Cardinals fans, upset at the blown games and wasted leads, have taken to comparing the St. Louis bullpen to Miley Cyrus. I have no idea why, but it's funny to imagine Ron Villone taking prurient cellphone pics of himself to send to the Jonas Brothers. Cardinals Diaspora.

  • New Yorker magazine political commentator and former Jimmy Carter speechwriter Hendrik Hertzberg's favorite Yankee playing today is Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez because he wears his socks correctly. In other news, Hertzberg really fucking hates Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, and the few other current Yankees who wear their socks correctly. Hendrik Hertzblog.

  • Chili Davis owns Pedro Martinez. Baseball Prospectus: Unfiltered.

  • Dinesh got knocked the fug out while "going through the rigors of the hat drill that involves throwing the ball at each other's direction." Isn't that called "catch"? The Million Dollar Arm Blog.

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Dmac's contempt for Sal Fasano amuses me to no end.

I'm all for trying to link anything to Miley, but that column made no sense.

That Sal Fasano video is freaking hilarious; how is it that I've never before seen it? For now, I will blame the untimely murder of Jay Johnstone.

From the Miley column...

But last night, as I was engorged in the Teen Choice Awards

Did he mean engrossed? Or was he at the awards show with an erection?

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