The Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch, Tuesday, August 12th

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linkpunch gorillaSometimes people write better than us. Each Tuesday and Thursday WoW gives you our favorite baseball links we've come across.

  • Jonah Keri bemoans the fourteenth anniversary of the '94 strike, less because of the labor struggles that ensued and more because of the missed opportunities for the beloved Expos. Note: the Yankees had that one in the bag.

  • The Florida Marlins infielders have all collected 20 tater tots, an NL record. Sassy senior Jorge Cantu needs to reach 25 to set the ML record. Fish Stripes.

  • New Yahoo! hire Gordon Edes eulogizes Skip Caray far, far better than we could ever do. Otis Nixon approves. Yahoo! Sports.

  • Matt Sussman emailed us this link and asked "Minor leagues, do they count?" Our public answer to Suss: no, no they don't. Naples News.

  • Speaking of the minors, Dontrelle is coming to save Triple-A Toledo! Whee? Toledo Blade.

  • Rinku and Dinesh visited the Fox TV Studios out in L.A. and were taken on a VVIP (sic) tour. (the extra 'V' is for Vishnu). They saw the building used in the movie Die Hard. Million Dollar Arm Blog.

  • Tom Mylan thinks all your greenmarket fruitcakes are nutjobs. Well, sorta. Grocery Guy.

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Wil Cordero mentioned in a Wil Cordero Memorial Linkpunch link. How very meta.

Did I miss Paul Byrd going to the Sox? Or did this guy here in training make it up?

Yep. Byrd to Boston.

Fantasy Spin: !?!?!?!?

@ Fartie

I actually just noticed that right now also.

Does that deserve the standard Walkoff Walk "Massive Trade Update" post? I say no. It's more like a "Mild Trade Update".

What did you think I didn't know what a u goog a lee was?

But wasn't the point of "Massive Trade News" that half the trades were not massive enough to warrant a post of their own?

My anti-Red Sox prejudice has been laid bare before the blogosphere.

It's not really the first time.

[brings hands to keyboard, pulls them back]

[brings hands to keyboard, pulls them back]

I'm happy to be a member of the Red Sox!

Paul usually types with just one hand.

Paul usually types with just one hand.

So as not to damage the hand and arm that are worth literally hundreds of dollars.

If he made it all the way to the Sox that means the Yankees past up on him. They could have used a serviceable SP. I don't think that WL obit was premature.

Eddie Bonine's injured? Doesn't Jeff Conine know he should wear a cup?

Okay, I'm really starting to get pissed off here. Fuckers. Fucking fuckers. Motherfucking fucking fuckers can eat a bowl of fuck.

I came here to say this about the 1994 strike:

The strike also led to an absurdity: Minnesota traded Dave Winfield to the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later before the season was officially canceled, so no player was named. To settle the deal, the executives of the teams went to dinner, and Cleveland picked up the tab, meaning Winfield had been dealt for dinner.[

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