The Wringing Of Hands, The Wearing Of Doo Rags: A Farewell To Manny Ramirez

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manny-2.jpgIt was predestined from the moment the new front office came to town. Manny Ramirez was a signing from the first golden age of megacontracts. An 8 year, $160M contract is something that would never pass the desk of Theo Epstein. There was no complaining about the stats, but until that contract was off the books, it was always a glaring exception to How This Team Was Run.

It became urgent when Manny went all in with the media this week. I was sad last night. I was sad like I was sad when Nomar left. I was more sad than when Mo Vaughn left. I wasn't happy like I was when Roger Clemens left. Despite the number (over/under is 2600) of breakup analogies you'll read today, I did not feel sad like that. If I interpreted Peter Gammons correctly, Manny was planning on just not playing. Sitting on the bench. It was a lousy, if not unexpected way for this to all end up.

On the field, I never bought into the ire that accompanied Manny not legging out an infield hit, or Manny being a dope on fly balls. It's ridiculous to praise someone too highly for being "gritty" when they have no other apparent skills. It's equally ridiculous to denigrate someone with historically apparent skills for not "hustling." This elusive quest for The Hustle In Manny Ramirez always came off as not only stupid but also a little offensive. Those who perpetuated it were bringing down the conversation.

I saw some video of Manny leaving Fenway, this morning. He was smiling as usual. He's heading to a Dodgers team, that is in my estimation, one of the most poorly managed and difficult to root for in baseball. I know this because I try to root for them. He's in a different place than seemingly the majority of athletes that beg/whine their way off of teams late in their careers. They're usually looking to "play for a winner." Manny has two world titles. If he is truly the selfish player that some would believe (and it's hard to protest that too much after this week) he can indulge in that all he wants in LA. He has nothing to prove, and a coach that won't go too far out of his way to make him.

The Red Sox chug along, just the way they're designed to. Their repetition and their efficiency now even closer to their almost dogmatic organizational ideal. Jason Bay will hit a bunch. He or Youkilis or Lowell or whoever moves into the cleanup spot will undoubtedly have a torrid next month and we'll be treated to a shortsighted "Manny Who?" column from Dan Shaughnessy.

But I've decided to be sad for one more day, because I'm going to miss the big goofball. See ya, Manny.

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This Yankee fan is also saddened to see his favorite Red Sock sent out to Nomarville USA. Who will become the coveted "Only Red Sox Player Rob Iracane Likes"?


Julio Lugo?

Hey what the heck, that was really well written and full of good points. What's it doing here?

All kidding aside, its really strange when one of your favorite players leaves the team. Will you still root for Manny? I still love Maddux and want him to do well even though he hasn't played for the Braves in 5 or 6 years.

@Rob: JD Drew?

@ Rob
It's gotta be JD Drew. Nobody could dislike that guy.

/ducks battery

For all of his silly, petulant tantrums, I like Manny mostly because he KNOWS it's just a game. Nobody dies if he doesn't leg out the fly ball. Would I want a team full of Mannys? Nope. But one or two here or there makes it a lot more fun.

I hear he's going to have an In-N-Out Burger picnic in left field between the third and fourth innings. What a free spirit!


I heard he'll be having El Pollo Loco instead.

GET IT? LOCO????!!



Jason Bay
Someone told me you knew how to play
Now the Sox can focus on the games
Oh I believe
In Jason Bay

Jason Bay
There’s a lot more pressure on you today
We gave up a Hall of Famer in this trade
Don’t fuck up
Jason Bay

Why’d he have to go?
Please come back for one more day
Manny, you blew the whole thing up
Now we’re stuck
With Jason Bay (ayy ayy ayy)

Jason Bay
No one told me that you were so gay
Now we have to watch you every day
I won't forget
You’re no Manny

Oh yeah I guess Jason Bay is my favorite Red Sock.

@ Jiegel

Bravo sir. Bravo.

I cried.

Not a little. A lot.

@Rob, what about Papelbon?




I cried....tears of joy!

Opening Day 2009 - "Now batting for YOUR Toronto Blue Jays, the designated hitter MANNY RAMIREZ

A Canadian can dream, can't he?

Probably the best part about the Manny trade:

"Ramirez was asleep when the trade went down and didn't know about it for a couple hours later."

That says it all.

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