Thieves And Jackals: A Look At Baseball's 2008 Campaign Contributions

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voter.jpgDespite having a terribly unfortunate name, is an invaluable resource for political junkies and voyeurs. Campaign contributions are public record, and Newsmeat tracks em all. From your neighbor to your favorite actor (guess who he donated to). I looked at some 2008 numbers to see what personalites from the fine sport of baseball are giving, and who they're giving it to.

  • Hank Aaron (Hall of Famer): $2,300 to Hillary Clinton
  • Peter Magowan (Giants Owner): $30,800 to John McCain
  • Frank McCourt (Dodgers Owner): $2,300 to Hillary Clinton
  • Drayton McLane (Astros Owner): $4,600 to John McCain
  • Jerry Reinsdorf (White Sox Owner): $4,600 to John McCain AND $2,300 to Barack Obama
  • Curt Schilling (Red Sox Pitcher): $2,300 to John McCain
  • Vin Scully (Dodgers Broadcaster): $2,300 to John McCain
  • George Steinbrenner (Yankees Owner): $15,000 to John McCain AND $2,300 to Hillary Clinton
  • Stuart Sternberg (Rays Owner): $2,000 to Barack Obama
  • Tom Werner (Red Sox Co-Owner): $2,300 to Barack Obama

Nothing entirely surprising about this list. I'm pretty jaded about both candidates so the only real disappointment is that there aren't any current players. Calling Curt Schilling active just because he's on a roster is like calling Heath Ledger active for having a movie out. I guess I can forgive them, seeing as how they've been, you know, playing. I expect activity to quicken after the conventions, as the season winds down and the campaign picks up. I'll update as we get closer to election time.

And yes, Vin Scully. I still love you even though you gave to Bush in '04.

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Vin Scully donates too much.

Vin Scully gave to McCain because McCain used to babysit him.

Get it. He is old.

+1, BC.

Peter Magowan (Giants Owner): $30,800 to John McCain

Probably a better investment than Barry Zito

@UU - probably? I think McCain has more wins this year.

off topic, but it's nice to see the Mets bullpen do what they do best.

The Mets bullpen gave their entire salaries to Duncan Hunter.

Schilling also donated his Everquest gold to Ron Paul.

George Steinbrenner donated $5,000 to Dennis Kucinich in an ether-induced hallucination. He thought he was the Keebler elf.

The best part: George was right!

Jeff Kent donated to David Dukes back in the day.

Vin Scully donated $24.89 to Wendell Wilkie.

The White Sox owner paid John McCain because he was so thankful for him kicking the Twins out of the Dome and making them go on the roadtrip from hell that will help the White Sox win the division.

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