This Car Is Headed For A Heartbreaking Collapse on the L.I.E.

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I don't live on Long Island, but if I did, I'd move the heck out. That place is a dump. And this is coming from someone who lives in New Jersey! But before I moved out, I'd hunt down this car just so I can meet the man who was a big enough Mets fan to paint his '88 Celica a horrendous combination of blue and orange:


Wait a minute, the '88 Celica wasn't bad enough before you painted it? You absolutely had to make it worse? I bet that piece of shit car has more miles on it than El Duque. Here's an idea. Go to Stubhub, pick up tickets for the next Mets-Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, and drive on down I-95 to the 'Illadelph. Let's see how quickly those frontrunner fans start playing cornhole with your hoopty.

(Picture stolen from MetsBlog sponsored by GEICO)

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the baseball hub caps really class that car up.

Is "Put it in the books" the Mets'ified version of "you can put it on the booooaaaaaarrrdddd?"

Drives great till you're two miles from home then it unfailingly veers into a tree.

Every year he got stuck behind the Braves car at a redlight, then finally one year it beat him to the light and he was so excited.

The light turned green and he started to go and then BOOM T-Boned by a Cardinals car.


I just took my car into the shop last year before the NLCS and this is how I got it back. Small-claims court is ruling this week.

If the Mets are represented by the shitty '88 Celica, the Phillies currently seem to be a Volkswagon bug that won't shift into second gear and has three flat tires.


That's what you get for getting your car fixed at The Wiz.

So as not to be confused with the Subway Series the Mets/Phillies rivalry will be known as the '88 Celica Series.

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