This Guy's Favorite Baseball Teams

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This guy made a YouTube of his ten favorite baseball teams, set to Born To Run, with no explanation as to why. I find it strangely mesmerizing but Rob never lets me post it. WELL ROB AINT HERE TODAY.

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He has only 10 favorite baseball teams? Hey, get a load of Judgy McPicky over here!

This is much better than my video tribute of Juan Pierre set to Criminology.

I get it, the Tribe is #10, as in ten in a row, right? Right?

G&G Productions - home to casual capitalization and arbitrary fandom.


I like Bruce Springsteen and this, this is the perfect vision for his work.

I always suspected G&G Productions and Craig Finn had a couple things in common, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it until I experienced this audible slideshow.

Oh my god.

I could watch that for HOURS.

Rob is going to be so angry with you when he comes back, young man!

The only thing worse than this video is that other viral video, Three Molinas One Cup.

Hey, it's me, the guy who created this

ArmansCopyOfswank: This is my Top ten, not my only ten.
Chief Wahoo: No, I like the tribe though
Buisnessorleisure: Thanks, hope your not being sarcastic

Oh and I needed a song on Itunes that the website would let me use, It was a decision Between Poison, by alice Cooper, Sweet Caroline, by neil Diamond or this

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