To Do List: Rob Bank. Go Home And See John Kruk.

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john_kruk_autograph.jpgGary Harki of the Charleston, WV Gazette has written a gripping series of articles about former serial bank robber Roy Plummer. The story is powerful, tragic and at times almost unbelievable. Perhaps never more unbelievable then the revelation that he was best friends and roommates with everyone's favorite schlubby hitting savant, John Kruk.

"I'm sure some people back home thought that I would rob a bank before him," Kruk said by phone on Monday. "If he were alive today and you didn't know him or his story, I guarantee in less than a week he would be your best friend. He was a brute. He would foul people [playing basketball] but that was [Plummer]."

Toward the end of the 1987 baseball season, Plummer called Kruk in San Diego, where he was playing Major League Baseball with the San Diego Padres.

Plummer told Kruk he sold his business for $100,000 and asked if Kruk would mind if he came out to San Diego to visit. Jay Hafer, whom Plummer used as a getaway driver on many of his robberies, had received a $30,000 settlement from a lawsuit after being attacked by a dog. He asked if he could come out, too.

"It was great because I was 26 years old, by myself with no wife, no girlfriend," Kruk said. "It was great having people out there I knew. Everyone on my team was married."

Plummer's life devolved into more crime, drugs and violence and Kruk was, not surprisingly, oblivious to most of it. It took him over a year to figure out that things weren't right. A year in which his roommate was robbing banks and possibly selling drugs out of the house. It wasn't until the FBI caught up with Plummer and talked to Kruk did all the pieces come together. Unfortunately, by this point, Plummer wanted to murder Kruk.

The FBI told Kruk that Plummer believed he was the one that turned him in.

"What I'm hearing from the FBI and other people is that he's a drug-possessed, gun-toting psychopath now. Everyone is telling me, 'He's coming after you,'" Kruk said. "Every knock on the door could be a teammate or it could be him. It scared the shit out of you."

Kruk admits the stress affected his play during the 1988 baseball season.

"Oh-for-four meant absolutely nothing to me at that time," Kruk said. "The only thing I wanted was to get the season over with."

"I never went out that year," Kruk said. "I stayed in my room. It was a scary thing. ... The FBI tells me he's armed and he's dangerous. And I know his abilities with weapons."

Poor Kruky. Sitting in his hotel room, jittery as all get out dropping his Slim Jim in terror each time a car passes. Then picking the Slim Jim back up and eating it in one bite. Anyway, read the articles. They're good.

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So we finally know who stole Kruk's left nut.

This whole saga is more entertaining if you picture Jake Plummer instead of Roy Plummer.

He didn't know teammates were doing steroids; he didn't know his roommate was a bank robber. I wonder how many times he possibly received oral from a tranny?

And by tranny, you mean Mickey Morandini in a wig.

Kruk Harbors Crook; Crook Kills Kruk; Kroc Thanks Crook

It's amazing that someone that looked like that when they were young could be accused of letting themselves go.

It's amazing that someone that looked like that

Like Sean Astin circa the filming of "Rudy"?

I can't wait for this segment of the John Kruk biopic starring Sean Astin.

Running around
robbing banks all messed up on Scooby Snacks

Oh man, now I look like the Phony!

Not quick enough, Quick Draw. I assume you lost the "McGraw" in a similar fashion.

The FBI questioned Kruk and showed him a picture of Plummer robbing a bank wearing a hat that read, "American by Birth. West Virginian by the Grace of God."

God has a great sense of humor.

Actually I lost it in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Fortunately, failure is a big part of sports (blog commenting). You win this round, Phony, but I won't drop "Quick"... yet.

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