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night game.jpgHey kids, hospitals are corporations.

  • IF the Tigers lose tonight are you going to yell at me tomorrow when I write their obituary?

  • WILL Sidney Ponson pitch well enough against the Rangers to make Yankee fans forget about Joba for a couple hours?

  • IS Florida going to creep closer to Philly? Keep your eye on Anibal Sanchez, his full recovery is a huge storyline in the NL East.

  • WILL I pop some champagne after I finish writing our final Morning Juice for Yahoo? What a bear that thing is.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Wait, it's only one question tonight?

IF you write the Tigers obituary tomorrow, WILL I be able to justify getting drunk at lunch for the wake?

I think Yankees fans have nightmares about Ponson eating Joba.

WILL Jed Lowrie continue to be an RBI machine?

Jeff Karstens perfect through 7 innings...

And Chris Young spoils Mr. Karstens' fun with a double, no-hitter broken up with 2 gone in the eighth.

License plate seen at AT&T Park:


He had two hits as well, he can't be stopped!

Off-topic: Mr. Rogers would never make it on television today. The PBS execs would dismiss him as 'too creepy' and 'possibly a kid-toucher'. Not that I'm accusing that great American hero of anything suspect, but just watch him check out this kid's taint and you'll see my point.

Its not Mr. Rogers fault, if someone was flaunting their taint like that they want it to be looked at.

Thanks to that video, I now have my wedding outfit and song for our first dance.

Nolan Ryan and his Q rating is in the booth and wearing a lime green shirt.


DO you know what I see too much of? NL Central games on national. TV. That division is spread waaaaaay to far apart. Get a grip, ESPN.


Have they asked Nolan Ryan how GW's ass taste?

Jesus I just put it on. His voice doesn't even sound like a voice, it sounds like a banjo.

Note: Not all southerners sound like this hick.




So 6 years after tying the all-time win-streak record, the A's are poised to set the all-time losing-streak record.

So my fiance got me Arrested Development season 3. I got me 2 32s of High Life. The A's suck.

Smell you jerks in a few hours.

Worst poised ever.

wait...High Life isn't Belgian...

BTW Fartie, I was at that the game that ended the streak in 02. Radke had a compete game shutout and I believe the Twins one 4-0. I remember it so well because my girlfriend wanted to leave early and got all pissy when I wanted stay to see the shutout. Needless to say that is not the girl I am going to marry.

In related news, I was at the game 5 where Billy Koch gave up the HR to AJ Perzweweinzski in the top of the 9th and he did the DX crotch chop to the A's dugout. Ellis then hit a bomb in the bottom of the 9th off of Guardado that would have won it if not for Billy Koch.

Also, High Life is Belgian if you really believe in it.

The Royals play baseball like a buncha rusty kuntz.

High Life is the beer that Belgian drinkers drink when they're not drinking Belgians.


Well at least they have a ho shaver.

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