Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, don't mix bleach and ammonia or you might blow up the neighborhood

Then stop by here tomorrow for some of the answers to most of these questions, and perhaps some fair-trade organic coffee.

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Prince Fielder will apologize, via beatboxing.

CAN anyone give me a ride home? I'm in Kansas. Just hang a left when you get to Iowa.

No. "It's a family matter."
Doesn't know directions to his own house/17
If the gods know what's good for them.

ARE you willing to chip in for gas? I can't give you a ride home but maybe someone else might have the same question.

-0, trip and fall over the foul line, broken coccyx.
-No, but he will make a pubic apology. He shaved 'sorry' down there.
-Phone and Cable companies are terrible/he had a Fribble IV installed. Saves time and effort.

Rangers' starter Matt Harrison has allowed five or more ER in 3 of his last 4 starts. I predict big things for the Jankees batsmen tonight.

I can't believe the way Yahoo's commenters have repaid you for steadfastly linking to Yahoo game previews/recaps. You give them linklove and shrimp, and they spit! Terrible.

WILL I stay up late only to see my team shit the bed against the worst team in the league again?

WILL I finish that bottle of scotch that I started last night?

WILL my fiance go to bed early so I can watch the game and drink my scotch in peace?

WILL I drink as much scotch as bc twins fan, and if so, WILL my out of town fiancee get mad when I call her whilst drunk?

WHY are so many here engaged and scotch drinkers? Is it in the WoW bylaws?

Hampton will pitch 0.1 inning, 5 ER, 2 BB, 0 SO, frostbite in 3 fingers.

I am engaged, but usually drink either beer, or mushroom tea.

@ phillas

It's in the bylaws, right after "Thou shalt worship the shrimp video."

I enjoy the Beer a lot too but it's more of a weekend thing. Scotch is more of a week night deal. It's a lot easier to hide the fact that you drank a half liter of scotch than it is to conceal twelve empty bottles of beer.

"It's not like we hate each other," Fielder said. "I don't. It's just a little disagreement. I apologize for the way it went down, but I don't apologize for the passion and intensity. I definitely could have handled it a little better, but just at that moment, that's how it went down. I can't take it back. The way I handled it probably could have been dealt with better."

uh, what?

Fire Joe Morgan has a webstore now. It is amazing.


Use the cans like Tom Berenger in The Substitute.

The Fremulon Insurance mug would go great with my other collection of insurance mugs.

matt_T has more than one collection of insurance mugs?

I'm not engaged and I drink anything with the word "proof" on it.

Also, the FJM store is r...zzzzzzzzz.

He's a cool guy, but I wish nothing but pain and suffering to Huston Street.

WHAT time will the coffee be available? It must be better than what they give us at work.


Excellent name.

And I'm now having a double wedding, with a girl, and with Dalwhinnie.

"There's nothing more fun than sitting through two or three rain delays." -John Kruk on Baseball tonight

"There's nothing more fun than robbing two or three banks and then thinking about killing John Kruk." -John Kruk's roommate, while watching the above comment on Baseball tonight

If someone gets a walkoff walk tonight, perhaps CTC will post some pics from the Brooklyn Cyclones game.

CTC was at Keyspan Park and I didn't know about it? Argle-bargle.

Assuming that Prince Fielder is a pescetarian and that the WoW shirts are not made of any sort of mammal AND that there is a size large enough available, I'll send Mr. Fielder a WoW Shrimp shirt if anyone collects a walkoff walk tonight.

I swear on a stack of tofu pitas.

I love Mike Lamb*

*I am drunk

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