Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, got change for a dollar?

  • WILL my column about the Tigers become bulletin board material that spurs them to win every single game for the rest of the season? Or will they just lose to the White Sox again?

  • HOW will the first place Devil Rays fare away from the friendly beige confines of Tropicana Park? Tonight they begin a 10 game road trip out in Seattle.

  • WOULD you watch any of the NL games tonight? Maybe ATL/ARI. Maybe.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel. Good job out there today, people.

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Poorly, hopefully
Well Astros/Reds kind of has playoff implications...if this were 1986

Yes, provided Leyland delivers an impassioned pregame speech. He's overdue.

The Devil Rays don't play baseball anymore.

I would watch Phi/Fla. What? Oh, right, this afternoon was a blur.

I love the idea of Jim Leyland hunched over his Dell, reading WoW and getting upset. "I'll be goddamned if I let Rob and CTC get away with that! Who's with me?"

That being said, if it works, Tilde-nation will owe you clever nicknames. Maybe "C-Tilde-C" and "Robblio IracaƱez."

IF Jim Leyland actually has a computer, it is most certainly not a Dell. Possibly a Commodore 64 with the original Castle Wolfenstein.


I'm going to go with a mid-90s H-P, and used only for the calendar function in MS Publisher and playing Leisure Suit Larry.

Watching a Cards-Saints preseason game makes me want to punch a puppy.

hey Honey, this is a BASEBALL blog. BASE. BALL.
But you're free to punch your puppy.

Hopefully it's an A's puppy.

The A's puppy that started tonight acquitted himself quite nicely. You should save your punches for Hannahan. His wife's a lesbian after all

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