Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, the funk is deep but I can swim.

  • WILL knuckleballer Charlie Zink ably fill in for knuckleballer Tim Wakefield in his MLB debut against Texas? Whatever gets Kevin Cash more at-bats!

  • CAN the Dodgers steal another one from Philly and possibly pull even with the Colorado bound Snakes?

  • HOW will the Rays fare in this brave new post Crawford/Longoria world? Facing the A's will take some sting out of it.

  • CAN the Cubs pad their Central lead and extend their road winning streak to 6 games against the Braves?

  • DON'T you love watching Tim Lincecum pitch? If he can keep the ball inside the Juice Box that's another feat for this season.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel

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WHY does Tonight's Questions keep getting posted earlier and earlier each day.  At this pace pretty soon you will have to start calling it Today's Questions or This Morning's Questions

Feldman/Zink tonight at Fenway. Sounds like a movie production company.

Who's got the funk? We got the funk.

Actually I had a burrito for lunch and now my whole office has the funk.

Chief is wrecking shop on the baseball-food posts.

I'll be surprised if the Cubs and Braves can play. It looks like a monsoon outside

It's getting worse. I think I'm going to go ride the elevator for a while so I can hotbox people.

I've been called a hotbox before, but for a different reason.

Like bad weather or does it actually look like Gorilla Monsoon? Cuz if it's the latter, I'd high-tail it out of there.


Is anyone aware that the WWE has "luxury high-end apparel?" And that it consists solely of four $45 t-shirts? Perpetuate the stereotype, fellas.

but Honeynut: "Shirts are pre-washed multiple times with enzymes."
they ain't cheap



Charlie Zink with plenty of run support..5 runs in the first so far.

Tim Wakefield responds: "Hey guys, what the fuck?"

Now 10 in the first. Ortiz with two triple dongs in the inning!

Ortiz just equaled the Toronto Blue Jays offensive output for the month of August.

Gorilla Monsoon ate the game.

Day night double hitter tomorrow after he shits it out

I leave for 2 hours and I come back and it's 14-11? What the fuck happened?

Jesus, this Red Sox-Rangers game is both horrific and entertaining. For example-- Marlon Byrd is 4-4.

And now the rangers are winning. What. The hell.

The Rangers just used their coaching visit to the mound for the inning after ONE BATTER.

You only get one, Texas. Take it easy.

Marlon Byrd 5 for 5. Insane game of the year. Rob might have to write a sox obit if they lose this one.

Chances the Met bullpen blows the one-run ninth inning lead?

I'd say around a thousand percent.


Pedro Feliciano in to close for the Nye Mets.

The nye mets are my favorite squadron.

And I'm trying to reverse jinx it, I'm a Boston fan!

Guess the Mets have a real live closer now. Fuck.

I'm just a fan of baseball in general. Unless the East Bay ever gets a team; then I'll get specific.

Ugh, nobody wants the Mets to be good.

@ Fartie

That said, please have your A's beat the Rays tonight.

That is all. Much appreciation.



Jesus christ. This Sox game is something else. Don Orsillo just LOST HIS SHIT.

There are too many Red Sox fans on this blog. I'm going to have to eliminate three.

That's odd, DonO is normally calm and reserved.

@ Rob

PS I am not a crackpot.

Tim Kurkjian's head just exploded.

I hate baseball.

Wasn't Delmon Young supposed to hit more than 6 HRs this year?

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