Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, you win some and you lose some, but you mostly tie.

  • WILL the Dodgers make it three straight over the Phillies? I hope so. The Phillies stole my pogo stick when I was a kid..

  • ARE the banged up Rays going to lose again to the hapless A's? I hope so. The Rays are arseholes.

  • CAN Luis Mendoza and Jon Lester keep less than 36 runs from scoring at Fenway? I hope so. That's bad fundamental baseball.

  • ERVIN Santana vs. King Felix should be pretty good, no? I hope not because I won't be watching it.

Thanks for sticking with us today. It was a weird one. Stop by tomorrow for the answers to these questions and much more. Same WoW time, Same WoW channel.

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WILL the vein in Iracane's forehead stop throbbing on its own, or WILL it require the blood sacrifice of Dan Gladden?

Ties? Arseholes? Next, CTC's guide to Cockney rhyming slang and picks for the 2008-09 Premiership.

A better question is has Hank Steinbrenner already jinxed next year for the Yankees with his comments?

(first comment here as well)

Are you talking about him blaming injuries for the Yankees poor showing? He's said it a couple times now. Doesn't seem very becoming of the win at all costs Steinbrenners. His dad never seemed like much for excuses.

And welcome.

In the first game Soriano hit a ball he thought was a tater but it hit off the wall and he only ended up with a single.

When he came up next he got drilled.



Seriously. Like the Braves would give a shit if any of their pitchers missed time with a suspension.

The dude that threw at him was named Bueno. That's the first time I've even heard of that guy.

We could see some fisticuffs tonight. Its already 4-0 cubs.

I think our new commenter friend implied that Hank predicted the Yanks would win it year.

Welcome, new commenter friend!

Seems like the Rangers/Sox is going the entire opposite way of last night, go figure.

Chicago = overrated.

And yes, I did mean that.

Oh I didn't hear that.

Fuck Hank Steinbrenner.

BTW I think I came down from the ledge after today's game. The Yankees played like shit. Dan Gladden was right to call them out. Robbie Cano should be taken out behind the middle school and severely wedgied.

Saltalamacchia just threw one into the outfield. He lacks focus and fundamentals.

Looks like the Braves got the better end of that deal. Suck it Salty.

Yeah, I just saw that throw. Does that signal rally time for the huge inning again? Can't wait to watch CC pitch again though later tonight.

And it seems that the small ball is helping the Cubs tonight.

Intentionally walk Ortiz to load the bases with Youkilis coming up? Smart idea, really smart.

And he hits a double.

Youk is way too intense. It's gonna shorten his career significantly. UNFURROW YOUR BROW, DUDE

Is there really "...not a more popular player today than Sean Casey"???

Way to squeeze it, Salty.

Salty's having a harder time in the crouch tonight than all your mothers combined.

Is someone actually saying something nice about Milton Bradley? Is this not against the secret rule?


He gets his widsom from his highly developed golden locks of intellectual goodness

Lost in all of the baseball talk was the nugget that Ricky Sut luuuuvs cereal.

Some bloggers are pretty neutral and don't advertise their personal antipathies. I am not one of those bloggers. I have an actual real-live enemies list.

Is it wrong that I do a double take every time hear them say "Boggs" while I'm watching a game take place at Fenway Park?

Is it just me, or did that guy have a ton of foam fingers growing out of his back at the sox/rangers game?

And aren't the rangers supposed to score a lot based off how they play in the past?

I normally don't begrudge entertainers for selling out, because we all have bills to pay, etc. But man, Ice Cube: seriously?

Ice Cube:sell out::Nomar Garciaparra:Disabled List

Youkilis is pretty good at baseball right now.

Is it cold in Boston? It looks pretty Nippert there.


took them 8 runs to finally pull that guy? Then again they left that guy in yesterday after giving up 10 in one inning.

Sutcliffe (amazingly) makes a good point here...why not have Mendoza issue the IBB?

Mark Redman is the only other pitcher to give up 10 in the first and stay in the game.

... how the hell did they get out of that one too?


Fella hit a tater tot tonite.

There goes the shutout over the monster.

SUTCLIFFE IS ARGUING THAT THE WORD "PRECIPICE" DOES NOT EXIST. He has a thesaurus in the booth and can't find it. I am going to blow my brains out.

Now he's doing the PBP while Chris Whathisname looks it up for him.

I'm shocked. That just happened. If he calls his partner "O.B." one more time, I'm jumping off the nearest precipice.

Youse guys should be watching beach volleyball. Everytime Kerri Walsh gets a kill, the PA folks play Europe's "Carrie".


Also, congrats to Josh Hamilton on his kid.

I watched the volleyball for 10 minutes and got bored by the lack of competition. Or was that the Sox game? I dunno.

Swimming is on now. Mike Timlin just cannonballed in the pool and broke Michael Phelps's spine.

I would like to gift Corey Patterson 75 points of OBP for his birthday.

Did anyone tell the folks in LA that the Dodgers are playing tonight? I think I just saw an usher stroll to a foul ball, pick it up, and throw it away.

Leyland just pinch-hit for Sheffield in the bottom of 9. I can't see that going over well at all.

No he did not. Sheffield was tossed earlier. The internets deceived me.

Hey Rickie Weeks, here's a thought, double plays getting turned.

Hey Padres, here's an idea, don't load the bases for Hart, he'll make you suffer with a triple.

Those are both valid ideas.

Rays-A's is still the coolest matchup to say you are watching. PLUS, this game is good.

Double threat.

Blevins tips his off-speed pitches, I think, but he needs to get out of this inning. Alan Embree may as well send batters a printout of his pitches beforehand at this point.

You gotta love CC, getting out of a bases loaded jam without a single run.

From: Alan Embree


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From: H. Street
Re: Don't Swing


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ok... let see, brewers starters over the last 6 games: 5 runs, 46 1/3 innings.

Here's another question... how do three different pitchers for one team blow a save in the same game (regarding the Angel's).

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