Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, sometimes a change don't come naturally.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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CTC, the best way to send healing vibes to Yastrzemski would be to go see Sam Amidon play at the Museum of Fine Arts on the 24th. No shit.

Still waiting on that Harden injury....

Get well soon, Yaz. And to whoever decided to name a freakin' PMS/birth control pill 'Yaz', may they burn in hell.

Yaz is too young to leave this mortal coil. God, take Bobby Doerr instead.

Get well soon Yaz, I hope you lower your blood pressure like you made them lower the mound.

@Donkey Time - how do you feel about the 80's Synth-pop band?:

Prediction: Rasner gives up a ding-dong to Adam Lind right here.

I hate being right.

I hate lots of things.

Wildin out in Philly. Nats C Jesus Flores just launched a pickoff attempt into deep right field, and Victorino wound up on third. But perennial fatass Joe West waved him back to first, as West's man-chest interfered with Flores' throw in the first place. Get a sportsbra, West, or back up an inch or two. Needless to say, the Philly phaithful are not impressed.

All is well. Victorino just scored on a sac fly to tie the game at eight. And he shanked Joe West as he crossed the plate, for good measure.

Fuck you Letterman, Lind takin' over

My sister brought her one month old daughter to the Phillies game. Bad idea or horrible idea?

Brewers need to stop leaving the bases loaded. They've done it twice already in 4 innings.

Geo Soto...slowest squeeze bunt play ever. Also, awesome.

I love that we are all liveglogging our own little worlds when there are no national games on TV.

@Rob: Am I the only Brewer fan that comes here?

Bringing your infant daughter to a Phils game is a wonderful idea. Unless it's 'Eat a Baby Whenever Howard Strikes Out Night," which is always sponsored by Hatfield.




It sounds as though Rob's "own little world" may be collapsing in around him.

That's the life of a Yankee fan.

It was a good run.

Fuck you Sheets. Fuck you.

Sheets, keep on playing like you are and I'll e-mail Yost and ask him to put McClung in your spot in the rotation. Loser.

In my little world, Dice-K pitched another short, eventful likely win. Which is good since we need to keep pace with the Rays.


@kwsn: the Sheets break down came late this year. Is it because of el Nino?

It happened right after we got CC. Go figure.

Oakland used up its one win for the next 12 yesterday.

Why can't Brian Shouse be a starter?

On that note, why can't there be any side arm throwing starters. Watching those people pitch is always fun to me.

Quick, someone remind me that Theo probably has a good plan for Masterson, so that's why he can pitch two effective innings while Buchholz can't pitch one, but somehow it's a good thing that Masterson is a bullpen guy and Buchholz is a starter.

Someone remind me how that retardo logic (not to mention that horrific sentence I just constructed) is a good thing.

Also, I hate the umpires for this game. *is in a hating mood today*

You should call Farthammer.

Oh, now we're fucked. Mota is in the game.

kwsn, I'm here, man. FYI, Eckersley won 20 games and he was a 3/4 delivery. Does that count as side-arm? I also think Sabrhagen was sidearm. At least he was in RBI Baseball. Kirby Puckett was also white.

The amount of people the brewers left on base: 9.

Hits by the brewers: 10.

Bad calls by the umps: at least 3.

Times the bases were loaded when the 3rd out was recorded: 2.

Amount of earned runs Sheets gave up: 5.

Games won by Sheets since CC came: 1.

Games lost by Sheets in that span: 5.

Sheets, I'm ashamed to have supported you in the all star game. Thanks for letting us down.

Rob I: Baby Mets' first ballgame was Mets vs. Phillies. In Philly. She was two months old.

Good times.

On a good note: the Cards lost.

Johnny Damon has Adam Lind Fever! Get your boners while they're hot!!!!11!

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