Tonight's Questions

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liveglog.jpg Hey kids, it sucks as it cuts.

  • ARE the Angels gonna get swept out of Tampa on an orange scented dustpan? Watch the game on ESPN2 with Rob at 7:05, and learn together.

  • WILL the Dodgers or Phillies make a move on first place?

  • IF the Blue Jays beat the Yankees and catch them in the AL East, will the glog turn into and endless stream of profanities about a game that Rob isn't even watching?

Enjoy your primetime glogstravaganza then join us back here tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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I would love to watch the game tonight but I have to mow the FUCKING (I am starting the profanities early) lawn. I picked tonight because the Twins were playing a day game but I didn't know there was going to be the first ever non all-star game night glog. DAMN

My fat ass has been parked on the Rays bandwagon since they took that 7 game lead in the loss column over Boston back before the ASB. I also hate Mike Scioscia.

Go Rays!

This is more exciting than Price is Right in primetime


How big is your lawn? The game will be on for a couple hours...

How'd you like to mow my lawn. Hehhhhh?

Love to join you fellas but I'm off to the Palm for a dozen glasses of Stoli and a rare steak the size of a small child. And a 4lb. lobster. It's bikini season and I need to maintain my figure.

Along the same lines as Wahoo, I am off to my fridge for a few cans of week-old Tecate.

ah, gloggity goodness.

aw, my Mets are off to a good start.

WOOOO! Go, Big Pelf!

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