Tonight's Questions

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kurtloder.jpgHey kids, I can only see in through the keyhole.

  • WILL Minnesota's "On The Road Again: Republican Convention '08: The Final Countdown: Road Trip Of Destiny: Trip Of A Lifetime: This Time It Counts: Road Trip '08" start off on a good note in Anaheim?

  • CAN Brandon Webb and Roy Halladay keep pace with Cliff Lee for Pitcher Of The Year?

  • DO you like that award I just made up?

  • DO you have your Soundgarden records handy? Mike Hampton takes on Pedro Martinez in the first ever old timer's game that counts in the standings. Kurt Loder will be watching.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel. Good job out there today, people.

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The Braves have Fell on Black Days

I really, really hate Kurt Loder.

J-Roll has become a Black Hole Sun in the Phillies lineup.


@ Gorge- that goes without saying.
Biggest. Douche. Ever.

Brandon Webb and Roy Halladay are pretty famous, but Cliff Lee is the SUPERUNKNOWN Cy Candidate.

WILL Rec league softball + West coast Twins game + Fiance out of Town + Full liquor cabinet at home + boss is out of town tomorrow = Late night WoW commenting

Back off. Kurt Loder helped get me through the Cobain suicide. That, alot of Mountain Dew and riding my bike up and down the street.

Steve Anthony got Canada through that same tough time.

You mean the murder

"Moneyball" author Michael Lewis is married to Tabitha Soren.

/six degrees of Joe Morgan



GG Allen looks like one mest up dude.

I went to a friend's party in college one time and after a lot of people had left around 130 or 2, I put on GG Allen's "Hated In The Nation" Video. Everyone else left soon after and I totally scored the long couch.

I DO like that award you just made up. We should give it a name. Like, name if after an old pitcher or something.

How about "The Three-Finger Mordecai Brown Award?"

Then, we can make the award in the shape of a finger and dub it The Fourth Finger! HAHAHAHAHAHA.


WHY did you wire me awake and hit me with a hand of broken nails?
WHO has been burning diesel burning dinosaur bones?

Roy Halladay versus Sid Ponson? This couldn't possibly end well.

So I've been living in my condo for almost a month and I have no shower curtain yet. Any idears?

Rob, you mean aside from get a shower curtain?

Will that prevent my bathroom floor from flooding?

I have a liner already, I just haven't found an actual curtain I like.

I'm sure you could get a lovely recommendation in DUAN.

Rob, you might be overthinking this one. That said, go white and go textured--and thank me in the morning!

Thanks, Gorge.

@Rob, maybe some of the ladies here can help you with the shower curtain. Paging, FMRA and metschick.

Me personally, I wash my-self with a rag on a stick.

Johnny Damon brings the LOL's when he plays centerfield

Halladay with a 4 run lead? This game might be getting out of reach.

The only baseball on my television is Little League. This is a fucking outrage.

You introduced a lovely woman as your GF at the pants party, Rob, and the womenfolk normally take care of these things for us idiot men. What's the deal, was she a rent-a-date you brought to impress us? Looking back at things she did seem pretty far out of your league.

It was recently pointed out to me that my roommate and I have the "curtain" on the inside and the "liner" on the outside.

But it's been that way for over a year and a half so apparently it works that way, and we didn't change it.

The more you know.

I give you guys credit, when I was single all I had was a shower curtain, no liner. I bet you guys with shower curtain liners think you're better than me.

We're cultured here at WoW. We're just not very clean.

Who the hell hired Martha Stewart to write for this blog? I come here for baseball and dick jokes, not home decor.

Do you like this lamp better over here? Or better over here?

As long as we're doing it like this, I have an offer for you fellows: I'm unexpectedly without a job as of next week and have a great hookup with the Rachel Ray crew. Who wants to see a show taped and take a VIP tour with me?

As long as we're doing it like this, I have an offer for you fellows: I'm unexpectedly without a job as of next week and have a great hookup with the Rachel Ray crew. Who wants to see a show taped and take a VIP tour with me?

I'm unexpectedly without a job as of next week


I have a shower door. I can't believe I associate with your kind of riff-raff.

I'm not actually the Naked Cowboy, I'm his nonunion Mexican equivalent Los Cabrero de no Pantalones.

I would like to take you up on the offer, Chief, but only if I can get a cookbook signed.

In babies blood.

Just got back from Blood Bath & Beyond and I may have made a grave mistake.

I like my shower curtains like my lovers: unisex.

Wait, what?

Any particular baby in mind, or will some random infant snatch job do the trick for you?

Engagement photos, links to recently purchased shower curtains. I don't even know my own website anymore.

It's still cool though.

Anyone else besides phillas heard of Ghirardelli Chocolates? They have now jumped into the peanut butter/chocolate foray, and jesus are these things good.

You know who used to be good? Oakland. I need to be fair though; Beane was wise to get rid of Blanton, who has kind of sucked for Philly. He was also wise to get rid of Harden, who has sucked for the Cubs and was due AT LEAST $3 million over the next 10 years.

Ghiradelli? That's some nationwide Hershey-scale bullshit.

You should stop rooting for the A's. It's all been downhill since Bob Welch quit drinking.

I like to nom these chocolates nowadays.

Oh, it's a big company so hipster CTC hates it.

Rob, dems da hot ones right dea. The Peanutbutter ones I am referring to are the same, but you know, with peanut butter.

CTC, I had no idea they were nationwide due to their location in SF. And if you compare them to Hershey's you're pretty much a tasteless jerkface.

Bob Welch is a hero and won 27 games.

Right. I'm the hipster but Iracane's paying $3.50 for a fucking Andes Candy.

I'm putting Tinactin on my feet. BOOM.

NYC is rotten with high end chocolate shops these days. Fuck that shit, I'm American, I want my damned low-rent factory product. Hersheys, milky way, chunky, 100K bar, I don't give a shit. Give me cheap ass candy!

Gimme a break
Gimme a break
Break me off a piece of that

From here on out, I'll never see Iracane's name again without hearing the words:
"a modern palette of ice blue, sand and brown"

That should be the header on the home page.

And we have not one but TWO curtains that are white and textured. Gorge knows of what he speaks.

Chunky Bars are one of the most disgusting things ever created.

The only flaw a Chunky has is that it's never big enough. They should be big, bad ass beefy slabs of chocolate perfectness.

That's what my wang looks like after I go through the 2-hole.

That was gross.

The two hole is under your girlfriend's right armpit you fucking weirdo.

-Hockey Fan

Boring = no Brewers tonight.

Also, a big ZING! for CTC.

Also, Phillies losing to the (g)Nats? Way to fail.

Don't knock armpit sex if you never tried it.

The best part of armpit sex is when they close their arms really fast and make fart noises.

Walking Mauer to get to Morneau with the bases loaded is not the best idea.

That was fucking horse shit

Can we have a walk off walk pweeze?

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