Tonight's Questions

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night game.jpgHey kids, it never ends and it only gets worse.

  • WILL the Phillies complete their reciprocal dustpanning of the Dodgers?

  • ARE the Twins going to use the Mariners to try and get another sniff of first place's taint? They didn't do so hot against them last time.

  • CAN Dan Haren and Jake Peavy bring the heat in their second duel in less than a week?

  • CAN the Cubs keep the good times rolling against the Pirates? They've won 8 straight series for the first time since 1937, which somehow still counts even though the last two were against Cincinnati and Washington.

Then stop by tomorrow for all the answers. Same WoW time, same WoW channel.

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Will the Tribe continue terrorizing the AL Central with their unstoppable climb?

They had to give up how many hamburgers to get Eddie back?

It would be more awesome if they'd traded for Neil Hamburger, America's Funnyman.

But, THAT'S my life!

If the Rangers end up with the better deal on this would they be considered hamburglers?

WILL Iracane and Tiger Claw can it with the generic ballpark pic tomorrow and bring back lobster baby or panda baby or some other Anne Geddes knockoff?

I vote for Moneybaby, but asking for baby pictures will get you nowhere. You'll be lucky to get sleeping kid & dog.

I vote for Rangers mascot consuming a baby.

Hey kids, it never ends and it only gets worse.

I know of what you speak, sir.

Everything will be ok in the end.
If it's not ok, it's not the end.

OriLOLs and White Sox in the 13th inning? So bizarre.

That's officially the worst comment in Walkoff Walk history.

You know what they say, the first 10638 are easy. After that it's work work work

mark it.
Hey everybody! We're all safe! Rob's teh worst commenter!

No Brewers game tonight. Hello being bored.

Put on ESPN and root against the Dodgers. See how exciting that is?

I have ESPN on actually. I could care less who wins though.

And people do stupid things on camera.

ESPN fails.

Why is Carlos Delgado so awesome? He's supposed to tank this year, then return to the Jays on the cheap. FOLLOW THE SCRIPT YOUR HIGHNESS

What kind of name is Jayne? Isn't Jane?

*isn't it Jane? gah I can't use good grammar tonight.

Not in HD? No thanks. How can any sporting event not be in HD at this point?

@UTFLW: most of the Brewer games aren't in HD when on FSN.

We AL East fans need a little Oriole magic with a side of

A triple to left field in Citizens Bank Park is only possible when Jimmy Rollins is the hitter and Manny Ramirez is the left fielder.

All available Oakland magic has been spent on 3 Scraper Bikes and 4 '95 5.0s sittin' on 100-spoke daytons.

Farthammer, are those what are being used in all the restaurant hold-ups going down?

@Farthammer: yeah, but won't Billy Beane turn that into two years of the next Manny Ramirez, two years of the nex A-Rod and four pepperoni pizzas?


Billy Beane thinks pepperoni pizzas are overvalued. The market today dictates that for the price of 4 pepperoni pizzas you can get 6 vegetarians.

Also, Daric Barton is in your fucking mouth right now.

Not SPPO's mouth. The royal mouth, as it were.

I was wondering what was causing all those canker sores.

That's what ignoring the ass-to-mouth rule will get you.

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