Wager Time: Rob And I Bet On The Outcome Of Sox/Yankees

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As I'm sure you're aware, tonight is very likely the beginning of the last ever Red Sox/Yankees series at this Yankee Stadium. There are enough modifiers in that sentence to not make me overly nostalgic. The rivalry won't change all that much when the Yanks move across the street, but there is a certain iconography to the Stadium that factors into most of my vivid memories of it. Mo Vaughn launching shots into the porch, Trot Nixon driving a Clemens pitch to right center in the classic Pedro/Roger duel in 2000, Wade Boggs on that stupid police horse, Aaron Boone, Jeter diving face first into the stands. You know, all that crap.

So in the spirit of making things seem more important then they actually are, Rob and I have decided to make a public wager on the series.

IF THE YANKEES WIN THE SERIES: I will have a large photograph of myself wearing a Yankees cap and holding a sign that says "Jeter Is God" posted on this site.

IF THE RED SOX WIN THE SERIES: Rob will have a large photograph of himself wearing a Red Sox cap and holding a sign that says "Yooooooouk" posted on this site.

Your pitching matchups for the series are as follows:

  • Tonight: Tim Wakefield vs. Andy Pettitte
  • Tomorrow: Paul Byrd vs. Sidney Ponson
  • Thursday: Jon Lester vs. Mike Mussina

That third one is a doozy, AND it's an afternoon game. If we're looking at a split series that afternoon, consider the objective restraint we've tried to bring to WoW officially out the window for the day. I do not want history to remember me holding that godforsaken Jeter sign.

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pictures of you guys posted on this site? We all lose.

/I kid because I care

FUCK. I was going to use that joke.

+1, UU

I'll be at the game tonight pulling for your squadron, CTC. I'll be the one wearing a shirt that used to be red, but now is colored red, mustard, beer, and more red (own blood).

objective restraint we've tried to bring to WoW officially out the window for the day.

I think TRIED is the key word there you fucking homers. Just kidding.

Sidney Ponson is morbidly obese.

In a bad way.

Beer is my favorite color

"Jeter diving face first into the stands"

That was the night I decided to buy a green Yankees hat. I remember it well, back in that halcyon summer of aught-four on the Jersey shore. Taking Fridays off to get shitboxed at Leggetts in Manasquan for the "Wheel O' Shots" night, seeing a comely lass wearing the hunter green Yankees hat with the unfortunate shamrock on the back, saying to myself "I need that hat."

"Where did you get that hat?" I asked. "Lids," she said. My next trip to the Willowbrook Mall was fruitful. I had a new Yankees hat!

My only regret: it has a shamrock on the back instead of a nifty Italian flag. Sigh.

July 1, 2004, I wish I knew how to quit you.


-Rob Iracane

Thanks for the link Rob, I'm on my way to the mall to buy the wheat colored A-tooth Yankee hat.

Oh Leggets' Wheel of Shots, how many Friday mornings have you ruined?

How is it that no matter where you were standing at Leggets, you were in the pathway to the bathroom? I defy you to go there and not get slammed in to 85 times an hour, albeit by hot girls in off-color Yankee caps.

I'm excited, this will surely end in tears

The best thing to do at Leggetts was a lap around the bar to see which of your friends/enemies were there. It usually took 45 minutes, but it was worth it.

I miss summers in Manasquan, laughing as I rode my bicycle past the DUI roadblocks.

up the ante:
being photographed wearing the opposing team's hat...and nothing else


I move to strike phillas suggestion from the record.

Why don't you guys have bets with Lloyd when the Yanks/Sox play the Blue Jays?

The Jays record against those two teams it too good, they know it's a losing proposition. The Rays on the other hand...

What about bet with the whatever team that the queer intern likes

@ Rob

Who were your enemies back then? Terror Squad? Flipmode? D-Block? Or maybe some other flat-brimmed off-color bastard-hat wearing crew?

Jeter is God is not an even trade-off for Yoooouk. Jeter is more akin to Curt Schilling. Make him stuff a bloody sock into his mouth for the photo.

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