Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, I'm throwing out a bunch of old books.

  • ARE the Dodgers gonna sweep the crap out of the slipping Phillies again? Maddux puts on the Dodger Blue tonight. Hope he's cured that jock itch.

  • HOW will Tampa handle it's second straight series against a division leader? They're headed to Chicago to take on the Pale Hose.

  • CAN Boston get some revenge against Toronto after last week's consecutive shellackings? Not if Paul Byrd gets smacked around again tonight.

  • WHO you got in the Marlins/Snakes tilt?

  • DOES anyone want to help me move?

  • WILL the Mets continue to stay (ugh) hot? They get this Astros series off on the best possible foot by sending Johan to the hill to counter Oswalt.

Another one in the books. Enjoy the weekend, folks. There aint much summer left. But whatever you end up doing make sure you bookend your days with the stylings of weekend editor extrordinaire, Lloyd The Barber. Man's got a way with the written word, don't he?

We'll see you all on Monday.

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Maddux is trying to find a grey pube to place on Giles's hat.

The Mets are starting Jonah Hill tonight?


Oh. Silly me.

Maddux really loves to pitch.

I'm pulling off the elusive two-weekend move starting Sunday. How far am I moving, you ask? Not next door, but the house after that.

"Man's got a way with the written word, don't he?"

And some people.... not have way.
/Steve Martin'd

You're never too old to appreciate a good pinch n roll.

just softening up the old leather

He's been throwing that taintball since he got in the league. Learned it from Fergie Jenkins. Fergie had a magnificent taint.

And here I thought Giles didn't like to play sports where balls fly at his nose.

Yeah but how good is he at 'Spoken word'? Can he yell really loud and over emphasize syllables?

Me fail english? That's unpossible


I'm an experienced beat poet ala Stu Scott.


I love this website and all of you.

Is Matt drunk?

"Paul Byrd" and "smacked around" don't go in the same sentence. He conquered his addictions - it's all in the comic book.


I love you to Matt.

Brewers shitting on the Pirates. Cubs shat upon by the Nats. I think it's a good time to have some drinks.

4 1/2

I'm laughing at the Brewers game. This is awesome.

Take my advice: hire movers. I don't care how expensive it is; you will be soooo happy.

If anyone says they're still up in 4 minutes from this comment we're going to discuss the meaning of life.

Hiring movers is at the core of life's meaning

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