Weekend Questions

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morganna.jpgHey kids, it's hurtin' time.

  • HOW much has the Manny Ramirez trade swung the balance of power in the NL West? We get an almost immediate litmus test this weekend as The Snakes travel to Chavez Ravine. Awesome.

  • ARE the Twins ever ever ever going to get over the hump? They enter the weekend 1/2 game behind the newly Griffied White Sox. They face Cleveland while Chicago gets The Royals. P.S. The Twins also DFA'd Livan and called up Liriano.

  • WHERE are you going to have your hangover curing breakfast on Sunday morning?

Well that was one hell of a week. You laughed. Todd Jones, Farnsworth and I all cried. The trade deadline was eventful. There were important series. Phew. We all deserve a break.

Except for Lloyd The Barber. He's settling in for his second week as your Weekend Baseball Sommelier. He'll have recaps, previews and the rest. Please join him. He's funnier than we are and you don't have to minimize the window when your boss walks by.

See you all Monday.

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I have to wait until Sunday to have a hangover?

Saturdays I don't eat, I just wake up and start drinking again.

Waffle House. All-Star Breakfast. Eggs over medium with hashbrowns and bacon.

You forgot one...

WILL The Angels continue to score 6runs/game and put a 4 game hurt on the Yankees?

Eat Saturday, Moan and Wail on Sunday, THATS the american way.

It's a holiday in Canadia, power through and put the hangover off until Monday. Or Tuesday even.

Note: I would eat chick-fil-a for breakfast on Sunday, but Jesus told Truett Cathy I wasn't allowed to.

Litmus? Sommelier? BIG WORDS

As for Sunday morning... Betty's Tavern in Columbus. With a Bloody Mary.

Dicks Bar Hudson WI (I live 10 minutes from the border). .99 Bloody from 8am to 4pm. On busy weekends the food takes at least an hour and a half. You are usually too drunk to eat the food by the time it comes. Good times.

WHEN will the Phillies inevitably acquire Livan?

Irving Street cafe, best hash browns in the 'hood. Gawd-awful coffee.

WHICH NL West team will be in the cellar after this weekend, the Giants or the Padres? Does it really matter?

♪♪And he shall be Livan
And he shall be DFR'd♪♪
That fuck

Holy shit. Screw breakfast on Sunday. I just got our menu finalized for the wedding. The appetizers make me actually want to go through with this.

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