What's Up Creampuff: Dudes That Got Hurt

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stretcher.JPGDoes it hurt when I press here? No, ok. Here? Here? Here? Ok. Now pretend you're a baseball player. Does it hurt now? STOP CRYING AND ANSWER THE QUESTION. HOW CAN I LOOK AT YOUR HANGNAIL IF YOU'RE IN THE FETAL POSITION?

  • Josh Beckett, Red Sox: The Sox ace has been scratched from tonight's start against Chicago and put on the MLB shuttle bus that goes to James Andrews' office. I'm not positive, but i think Andrews has had his name appear on this site more than anyone except Corey Patterson. The Red Sox are saying only that he has discomfort in his elbow. Times are tough all around, pal.

  • JD Drew, Red Sox: JD's lower back strain has landed him on the 15 Day. It's better news for the club than initial reports he had a herniated disc. Get well soon, silent hick warrior.

  • Howie Kendrick, Angels: Kendrick is back on the deel with the same hamstring inury that had him there earlier this season. Kid has had a truly difficult time staying healthy in his young career. As the LA Times points out in that story, wasn't the Angels' big lead supposed to prevent this sort of thing from happening? SCOOOOSCIAAAAAA GET IN HERE.

  • John Maine, Mets: Maine's sore shoulder had been nagging him for a couple weeks and the Mets put him on the DL. That Newsday column says they're "giving him a rest," perhaps trying to imply the injury is not that serious. Yeah, except that they're in one of the tightest races in baseball. I imagine the inside of his shoulder probably looks like goulash if he has to sit for two weeks.

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Beckett's had a pretty rough season - I wonder if he's been changing his arm slot or compensating for that back injury he had in April.

I think there's a possibility his mechanics may have changed after the back injury, but at the same time Farrell is a pretty diligent pitching coach, who I assume would have picked up on that.

My own two cents: Josh Beckett was overworked by Jack McKeon when he was younger and is now experiencing career-threatening consequences. Also, he's a total mary.

@CTC - Yeah, Farrell's good, but it's also his job to keep Beckett pitching (barring serious problems) so they may have tried some changes that didn't work out, a la Bucholz; I haven't seen many games this year because I don't have cable, but a friend who watches a lot of the game says he thinks they tweaked Bucholz's delivery (maybe to make his motion more deceptive).

None of this is to shit on Farrell, of course. I'm just tossing out ideas.

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