Who Wants to Employ Brian Giles?

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Smarmy short dude and omnipresent FOX reporter Ken Rosenthal is reporting that San Diego outfielder Brian Giles has been claimed on waivers by some unnamed team:

    "The Padres have 48 hours from the time of the claim to work out a trade. If no deal is completed, the Padres can take back Giles, or let him go to the claiming team. San Diego stands to save approximately $6 million by parting with Giles -- roughly $3 million that is remaining on Giles' salary for this season, plus a $3 million buyout for 2009."

Giles, 37, is having another above average season, with a .391 OBP that leads an otherwise poor-hitting Padres team. Heck, kid tater-totted off Pedro Martinez last night at Shea, so he's still got value as a corner outfielder.

So who is the mystery team? Is it a playoff contender that needs some outfield depth, like the New York Mets? Is it a team building for 2009, like the Toronto Blue Jays? Is it a team who likes to acquire baseball players without rhyme or reason, like the Seattle Mariners? I guess we'll find out soon, but my money is on the Mets.

Rosenthal lists the eight teams that Giles has listed in his no-trade clause: Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Florida, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Washington. I'm surprised that Giles wouldn't want to go to beautiful Miami; that South Florida sun would do wonders for his man tan.

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I think he got picked up by the Fruit Town Fruits.

Giles doesn't want to go to Boston because people might think he's black.

Does the no trade clause come in effect if the Padres just let the team claim him without trying to work out a trade?

If so, my guess is Florida.

If not, the Las Vegas 51s

I can tell you it sure as hell wasn't my fantasy team claiming him.

That is if i'm allowed to talk about that.

He doesn't want to go to Boston but he is cool with Seattle? Maybe he likes emos and coffee.

Can he catch? The Yankees could use him.

bc, not enough sun in Seattle for the Hawaiian Tropic kid.

I know... That's why I was wondering why he didn't have them on the list of no trade teams

Brian Giles actually harnesses energy from the sun and can now be employed as an alternative feul source.

It could be because he's from southern California and Seattle is at least a short flight from home. All the named no-trade teams are east, or east-ish. Or where it snows.

Thanks for the real answer phillas.

Isn't San Fran the obvious choice?

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