Who Wants to Record the 250,000th Home Run Ever Hit?

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The good people at Baseball-Reference want to know. Not really, nobody can possibly predict the person who will hit the 250,000th tater tot in Major League history. Heck, a quarter of a million ding-dongs is nothing more than a pretty, round number that says "Hey, baseball has been around since the days of Bill Sherman."

Still, we can look back and see which ballplayers hit other milestone dongs, thanks to their handy-dandy tabulation page:

*200,000. 1999-06-12 Paul O'Neill (NYA) off Livan Hernandez (FLO) in 4th inning
*210,000. 2001-04-29 Jermaine Dye (KCA) off Derek Lowe (BOS) in 9th inning
*220,000. 2003-04-12 Doug Mientkiewicz (MIN) off Doug Creek (TOR) in 7th inning
*230,000. 2004-09-23 Gerald Williams (NYN) off Tomokazu Ohka (MON) in 5th inning
*240,000. 2006-09-08 David Newhan (BAL) off Sean Henn (NYA) in 3rd inning

Hey, remember Gerald Wiliams? Yeah, me neither.

So, WoWies, who do you think will hit the 250,000th home run in ML history? I'm gonna go ahead and say....Emil Brown.

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Wasn't Bill Sherman the little kid that used to time-travel with Mr. Peabody?

Jason Tyner

Rinku Bhramdeen Singh

Chan Ho Park.

It took 3 years to go from #1 to #100, and the same amount of time to go from #210,000 to #230,000


You can't really blame a guy for burning Atlanta.

Sal Fasano.


I was going to look for stats like that but I'm too lazy. Well done.

Whoa, Chan Ho Park has started 5 games for the Dodgers this year? I didn't even know he was still pitching.

The fuck's a KCA? Kansas City American? Is there a Kansas City National?

250,000th ding dong will be hit by Wes Helms off of the wallaby who raped him. It will sail out in soft focus and slow motion. It will include a voice-over by Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. Kevin and James will read their lines by alternating each word.

Not now but in 2001 there was. Terrorist killed the whole team.


All I know is that it won't be hit by A-Rod if the Yanks are behind and have men on base.

Don't lie Rob, what Yankee fan could forget Gerald Williams?

"Paul O'Neill (NYA)"i> - wow, they actually changed their name to the Asslickers? I can't believe that suggestion box thing actually worked!

@Arman - man, I suck at HTML.

Gabe Kapler

F.P. Santangelo

The 250,000th home run has been hit already. Instant replay can prove it.

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