Whoa: More Fighty Yankee Stadium Cops

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So yesterday on Deadspin they had an interview with a guy who got roughed up by some NYPD because he wanted to pee during "God Bless America." It was a poor forum for an important discussion because a.) there are lots of dummies on Deadspin, and 2.) the guy's credibility is not 100% certain (even though it sounded legit to me). It was only a matter of time before their ridiculous "no movement" jingoism at a publicly financed stadium ran into some public criticism.

Either way, here's some video of an altercation between NYC's "finest" and a fan at last night's Yankee game. Wish I had more background info on this one. But hey... it's a fight, so that's something.

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"....there are lots of dummies on Deadspin."

Hey! No, wait... nevermind. Carry on.

And just to be clear, I am one of the biggest dummies over there.

Is LadyCop gonna have to choke a bitch?

If that lady copy had signed a $300 million contract extension before the season started, the fans would've been booing her.

LadyCop could benefit from using those stairs more often.

Lady in blue coming through!


Deadspin commenters are the second best commenters on the sportsblogosphere. After Big League Stew of course. Zing!

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