Who's a Bigger Jerk: Rafael Palmeiro or Pete Rose?

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Rafael Palmeiro famously denied using steroids under oath and wagged his finger at Congress to drive home the point; test results later revealed he injected all kinds of pharmaceuticals in his tush. Pete Rose denied betting on the Reds while managing the team and was banned from baseball for life; he's since come clean about basically being a degenerate dorkface with a retard haircut.

How would you compare these two ethical transgressions (and 131 others) across the vast history of baseball? The Hardball Times wants your opinion.

"Imagine a college course where students hang out with Ron Coomer in the bowels of the Metrodome, watch video of Lenny Randle on all fours trying to blow Amos Otis' famous squibbler into foul territory, spend hours debating nuanced baseball ethics, and ring up Major League umpires for help on their homework. Sounds like too much fun to be true? It's not. That very course--an academic study in "baseball ethics"--was offered in the spring of 2008 at Carleton College, a top-tier liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota."

The good folks at THT are hosting a great poll that follows up this baseball ethics course. Please do Carlton College visiting professor Willy Stern and the world of academia a favor by heading over to vote. I'm still having trouble figuring out if corked-bat swinger Sammy Sosa or spitballer Phil Niekro was a bigger horse's ass.

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Ray Fosse votes for Pete Rose.

even though he never played professional ball, i still have to vote for CTC

Where does Leyland fit on the list, CTC, for knocking your high-school self down?

A "baseball ethics" course? That sounds about as academically rigorous as March in South Padre Island, TX.


I think Leyland ranks just below Tim Wakefield.

Both Jim Leyland and Wakefield are more ethical than Curt Schilling or Jake Westbrook taking any money for the 2008 season.

While that course sounds fun, hanging out with Ron Coomer in the bowels of anything doesn't seem like a good way to spend your time.


Well, the bigger JERK is Pete Rose. At least you don't hear from Palmeiro anymore. He's not sitting around your local 7-11 with that smarmy grin on his beak, signing autographs on his "I bet on baseball! And I'm the Hit King baby!" pictures. For fifty bucks a pop.

As for who was the bigger cheater, that would be Raffy.

They're both gigantic tools. In fact, each qualifies for toolshed status.

Please do Carlton College visiting professor Willy Stern

I don't know who he's done before, so no thanks.

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