2008 Roy Of The Year: Oswalt vs. Halladay

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For awhile I was trying to fight the overwhelming tide of Cliff Lee for Cy Young talk. I'd been enamored all season with Roy Halladay's no guff, 9 inning, 2.5 hour spinning and thought people were mostly swayed by Lee's gaudy win loss record. But alas, even I have been swayed by Lee's across the board dominance and dream season. And now with a resurgent Roy Oswalt leading the Astros to pissing distance of the Wild Card, Doc may not even be the best Roy of 2008.

Let's take a closer look and see who gets the nod: Harry Leroy Halladay or um... Roy Oswalt. Roll those beautiful stats!

Roy Halladay
224 IP
1.05 WHIP
154 ERA +
193 K
35 BB

Trump Card: 8 CG

Roy Oswalt
190 IP
1.18 WHIP
120 ERA+
148 K
43 BB

Trump Card: Since All-Star break he's 8-1 having allowed 16 ER in 69 IP. Currently has 32.1 inning scoreless streak.

While Oswalt has been white hot as of late, the Roy of the Year must take into account an entire season's body of work. I'm going to give the nod to Halladay. Here to present the award is Roy Scheider! Oh no, really? Oops. RIP Seaquest Dude.

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Harry Leroy Halladay? Seriously?

ROY G. BIV was robbed.

Sadly, Roy Clark did not live long enough to see his dream come to fruition. RIP.

Harry Halladay would have made a great 70's porn name.

Montecore the tiger disapproves.

No Lichtenstein? BLAM!

Can't believe I forgot Roy Clark.

Baseball Prospectus sez that while Cliff Lee's been dominant, he's been doing it against horseshit teams. The already known to be unscrupulous Indians have been moving his starts around to ensure he picks up cheap wins against the lesser lights and misses tough lineups. In conclusion: Fuck Cliff Lee.

Roy Oswalt is one fine hillbilly though. Dude is good.

Patrick Roy never gets any respect from bloggers.

But he is having his number retired!!! Whee! Bleu, Blanche et Rouge!

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