America, Meet Troy From West Virginia Is Back

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We usually try to abstain from posting more than one video in the same day. But this could not wait. I'd like to introduce you all to Troy From West Virginia. Troy is a huge Dodgers fan with huge sideburns. He has a cork board at work where he has pictures of the entire Dodgers roster, stationed positionally. Please make sure you're not drinking anything at the 2:24 mark.

Get ready to do the hibbity dibbity, and you can say you knew know Troy before he was a star.

(Update: Alas, we did not discover Troy. He got some play for his video about Joe Beimel earlier this year.)

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I made it exactly one second before laughing hysterically.

Holy shit.

How many times a day do you think that he checks for an updated Corey Wade picture? I mean, someone needs to get on the ball.

And please, no Thanksgiving Sex, for Heaven's sake.

Excellent. Thanks CTC!

re: "Piece of shit is on the roster" really should have been "FAT piece of shit is on the roster"

Is he wearing a Manny wig? The suspense is killing me! 4 more hours till I can go home!

/Curse this damn firewall that blocks videos!

This is utterly brilliant.


That did it...........I'm walking down to the pub and getting drunk.

Thank you so much for that, CTC.

@Worship - No. It's much better. Go home, grab a cocktail/hit a bong (whatever your vice) and then watch this video.
I've watched it a dozen times and I am stone sober. And laughing every time.

Is it me or is Troy's mom running the vacuum cleaner/blender/her vibrator about halfway through this video?

All 3. It's quite the spectacle.

Now I really can't wait to get home.

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