Angels Beat the Rush, Claim Playoff Tickets Early

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The MLB playoffs are still 19 days away but the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim decided to get on board the playoff train a little bit before it leaves the station. No AL West team has ever clinched the division this early, not even the 114-win 2001 Seattle Mariners (thanks to a 102-win season from the 2001 A's).

Don't worry about the Angels getting bored, though, they brought some crosswords and Travel Connect Four to keep themselves busy. Heck, with their upcoming schedule (six vs Texas, three vs Oakland, and a hearty eight vs lowly Seattle) they're everyone's favorite to clinch the vaunted homefield advantage come playoff time.

The Angels got the job done yesterday with a 4-2 home win over the Yanks and waited patiently to clinch with Seattle's 8-7 win over Texas. Some of the fans stayed around in Anaheim to get sprayed with carbonated adult beverages, though. Got beer stains? A little club soda will get that out.

What does the future hold for the Angels? Well, on a team built on starting and relief pitching, a couple well-placed tater tots by Mark Teixeira or Vlad Guerrero will put them in good position to advance in the postseason. Just be careful with all this time off. They don't want to get sunburnt in the wrong places.

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I thought the Angels clinched back in May.

I wonder what was the greater transgression. Inventing the Rally Monkey, or abiding his immaculate madness.

ThunderStix are the greatest transgression.

And why would the Angels beat up Geddy Lee?

Thunderstix are the ghey. So is the fact that for a while after the 2002 series, the Giants started using them. Phillas, defend this.

I have never actually seen a pair of Thundertix in person. I don't even think I've been to a sporting event where they were in play.

I think this is a good thing.

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