Astros Fans Cry Foul (HAAHAH GET IT? FOUL?) Over Relocation

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That nasty Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc on Houston families and businesses over the weekend, but fans of the Houston Astros have bigger problems to deal with: their preferred baseball squadron has been forcefully relocated to a rival's ballpark! The Astros had a chance to pick up a game on the woeful Brewers, swept away in four games at Philly, but instead go no-hit by Carlos Zambrano and now sit two games out in the race.

The 'stros play one more 'home' game in 'Milwaukee' today but don't expect the Houston 'fans' to enjoy any of it:

These are two critical games, for which, whatever advantage a team may or may not have, could greatly alter the play off landscape for a division and a league. A Monday double header in Houston would have brought as meager as a crowd as this is predicted to bring in Milwaukee, but they would have been fans who were trying to forget the ill effects of a hurricane that had just rocked their world. They would have been cheering for the only thing that's worth cheering for in Houston at this time.

Um, isn't there a weeklong curfew in Houston right now? Isn't the power out all over town? Don't the city officials and police have more important things to worry about than a silly baseball game when millions dollars of damage has been incurred all over the gulf coast? How many rhetorical questions can I ask? Baseball is a business (crazy, I know!) and Herr Selig did the best he could to maintain the progression of a season, basically opening up a couch in his apartment and letting the Astros crash for a couple nights. It's not Bud's fault that the Astros thanked him for his hospitality by shitting the sofabed.

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Combine this with me finally getting around to reading "Welcome to the Terrordome," and one could see why I harbor some hate for sports right now.

That book has been sitting on my bookshelf in my last three residences. Time for me to hunker down and read it too.

They think THEY have problems? I lost the HD feed for both Fox & CBS yesterday and had to watch football games not broadcast in high def, as God intended!

Oh yah, and my mom didn't have power all day and had to stay in a hotel last night. I was all like, WHATEVER, MOM!

I don't get it. Foul? Is there some double meaning there?


Instead of "foul" it should read "fowl" because, you know, an Astro is a type of chicken native to Texas. The fans didn't like the relocation because chickens indigenous to Texas can't survive in Wisconsin.

@J Gravy

EXACTLY. Now that makes much more sense.

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